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Elevate your presence and distinguish yourself with the unparalleled expertise of Amplify Publishing Group (APG), your foremost collaborator in the dynamic world of hybrid publishing. Boasting over two decades of experience, APG specializes in strategic partnerships with CXOs, keynote speakers, changemakers, and visionary leaders, guiding them through the journey of acquiring, producing, marketing, and distributing books. As trailblazers in the hybrid publishing space, we have consistently been at the forefront of innovation, reshaping the landscape of the publishing industry.

At APG, our deep-seated passion revolves around championing ideas and amplifying voices that demand to be heard. Renowned for our ability to launch books that not only capture the zeitgeist but also initiate engaging and timely conversations, we understand the profound impact a thoughtfully crafted book can have on establishing thought leadership. Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to spearhead critical disruptions in the industry, ensuring that each project reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing norms.

Amplify: Publishing a book can set you apart as a thought leader in your space. A book can set you apart in the following ways. As you embark on the journey of authorship, consider the transformative power of partnering with Amplify Publishing Group. We believe in more than just publishing books; we believe in amplifying your story and ensuring that your message resonates with the world. Discover the difference of collaborating with APG, where innovation meets publishing excellence, and where your narrative takes center stage. Join us and explore the transformative possibilities that lie within the pages of your book.

Amplify Your Big Idea

As a hybrid publisher dedicated to serving today’s foremost thought leaders, we produce essential nonfiction that sparks conversations, impacts mindsets, and accelerates influence.

About Amplify Publishing Group

Partnering with CXOs, keynote speakers, changemakers, and other visionary leaders, Amplify Publishing Group (APG) is a leader in the hybrid publishing space with more than twenty years of experience acquiring, producing, marketing, and distributing books.

Passionate about ideas and voices that need to be heard, we’re known for launching books that start engaging and timely conversations. At each turn, we have been at the forefront of innovation and have spearheaded a critical disruption of the publishing industry.