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7 ways to offer the best event sponsor benefits that brands love

7 ways to offer the best event sponsor benefits that brands love

You should be intentional about how you event sponsor benefits, so that the organizations working with you know the ROI to expect.

Obtaining sponsorships is a great way to create a win/win relationship for planning events. The sponsorship money can reduce the risk, cover the costs for the event planning upfront, and ensure quality speakers.

Adding sponsors to your event is also a great way to lend credibility to your events. If you partner with a major sponsor, you may also attract some of their advertising and publicity coverage, raising more awareness about your upcoming event.

But to attract the right sponsors, you must stand out and offer a greater level of value to ensure they choose your event over another in the future. Here are some ideas to communicate the value they will receive in working with you.

What are event sponsor benefits?

Event sponsors are usually organizations or businesses looking to support events through contributions. By sponsoring these events, these companies expect to have the following:

  • Use your unique event as a means of showcasing your organization to a diverse and captive audience
  • Engage face-to-face with their ideal customers, leading to meaningful connections
  • Leverage in-event speaking opportunities 
  • Capture potential customers already interested in the industry
  • Foster a positive image that differentiates them from competitors 
  • Enjoy exclusive access to industry leaders, influencers and decision-makers
  • Access data about attendees and in-event interactions, which can inform them and supercharge their product development and market research.
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Hire a celebrity or top speaker.

Known speakers will increase attention and publicity. Sponsors will appreciate the value of their brand being associated with a top speaker. You can show the sponsor how they will be opened up to the audience of that speaker. Sell their social media presence.

Leverage digital marketing opportunities 

Digital marketing is an inexpensive way to make a significant impact. Create press releases, Facebook advertising, splash screens, and online games, and partner with a large radio show or podcast to get mass exposure to your targeted audience. That said, you need to be strategic about how you use digital marketing so you can offer your sponsors a myriad of promotional opportunities.

Add a sponsor photo backdrop

No matter the size of your event, having a photo backdrop with the event is an excellent time-tested event sponsor benefit. Not only does a backdrop make the brands that sponsor you stand out, but it’s also professional. Even so, it’s a perfect spot to promote the event and even spark in-person interactions. 

Provide sponsors free access to event 

You can provide free tickets to the event for the sponsor to mingle and make the most of their investment. They can also get special perks like VIP members. You can include a stage introduction and a few minutes to provide a speech on the main stage. That said, be creative about giving out these event sponsor benefits. Only some sponsors should have the same benefits outlined above—naturally, the higher the sponsor’s donation, the more benefits that company or individual achieves. 

Add in-event promotional packages

Allow your sponsors to provide an exclusive promotion, conduct a survey, giveaway, or other promotional benefits.

Introduce the Halo effect.

Include a not-for-profit (NFP) that benefits from the event in some way. More people will be attracted to the event and willing to pay more because it serves a greater cause. Sponsors will be directly associated with the features of NFP, which will elevate their brand on the side of contribution. This opens up more excellent media coverage, greater engagement on social media, and more.

Capture data to maximize event sponsor benefits.

Make capturing attendee data a priority. This is a fantastic event sponsor benefits to offer true value to your partners.

Consider many options to capture this data. Some may include card swipes, surveys, session attendance, attachment downloads, chat usage, gamification participation, and more.

Beyond providing data that your sponsors will find beneficial, this data can also help you make better improvements on future events.

Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the data is precious by getting specific information to support sponsors to see whether they reached their ROI through increased brand exposure and lead generation.

Consider data capturing styles targeting specifics, such as assisting your sponsors in determining who interacted with their content and how. 

The additional value can help you create an advantage over other events, making your event more attractive for sponsorship over other events competing for the sponsorship budget.


Optimizing event sponsor benefits is a strategic move that enables you to create a rewarding and enduring symbiosis with sponsors.

By thoughtfully curating these benefits, you can position your event in a way that draws attention and interest, thereby gathering sponsorships that bear weight and add credibility.

Connect with renowned celebrities and speakers. Strategize with social media promotions incorporating sponsor-branded backdrops.

Offer appealing attendance perks and foster exclusive promotions. Also, consider partnering with non-profit organizations to enhance the perceived value and appeal of your event. 

Remember, the key to securing powerful, effective partnerships is offering sponsor-centric benefits that brands can’t resist.

By placing your sponsor’s needs at the forefront and consistently delivering high value, your events can pave the way to rich opportunities, creating a win-win situation that elevates your event’s reputation and guarantees a prosperous future.

Hence, event planning involves more than securing funds but cultivating meaningful relationships that deliver and exceed sponsor expectations.

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