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Keynote Structures

Keynote Structures

The key is to connect with the audience, build credibility, and connect people with solutions to their challenges. This can be done in many ways. Here are some possible structures to achieve this.

Inspire to action

  • Insight (big idea/Big insight)
  • Teaching (steps, pillars,methods, strategies, Assessments)
  • Inspire to action (social proof stories, statistics)
  • Close (takeaway, Next steps)

9 Step Presentation formula


An introduction can be a quote, a question, a statistic a short story that sets the stage. This isn’t meant to be your background and experience because they have read your bio.


This could be a question- who here is experiencing this problem- show of your hand. Repeat a word you share, finish this sentence, provide your definitions, and call, and respond, a digital poll, Q&A

Get personal

Share a story to connect to peoples hearts so they can connect to themselves through your story

Problem to solution

Connect them to the problem and how they can now solve this problem

Benefits and value

This may be presented in the solution, but help them understand what has changed as a result of the solution.

Social proof

Stories about where you or others have achieved these results. Statistics from the marketplace from third-party sources that support your claim.


Repackage and summarize their takeaways so there is no question what they should be leaving with.

Call to Action

What do you want people to do when they leave? How will they implement this? Do an audience review with a tool like talk-a-dot.

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