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Mental Health Speaker

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Award-winning keynote speaker and certified professional coach for leaders, professional athletes, and championship teams. Her clients range from Verizon, Target, Bobcat, USA Track & Field, to the Minnesota Vikings. Develop the mindset your teams mindset to beat the odds, build confidence & resilence, and best your best more often.
Ryan Pink Motivational Keynote speaker
Ryan guides his audiences into hope and a deep sense of possibility. His use of vivid language blurs the line between teaching and spoken-word, and gives audiences an unforgettable experience.
Tara Rolstad Keynote Speaker
Tara will help YOUR organization Get Real about Mental Health. She’s passionate, funny and direct, and her interactive programs will leave audiences with practical strategies to use right away to truly support everyone’s mental health.
Sam Kabert Mental Health Speaker
Sam Kabert stands for greater mental health through the power of breathwork. Breathwork is a certain style of breathing designed to release stress and trauma stored within the nervous system.
Sam Kabert is renowned for his remarkable ability to assemble high-performing teams that turn visionary concepts into thriving realities. His work balances team effort, personal motivation and common purpose.
Keynote speaker on Happiness, Employee Engagement & Wellness. An inspiring message based on a 17 year voyage sailing around the world . TEDx speaker- 250K views. Bestselling author. Appearances at Harvard, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox.

Dr. Andy Neillie

Turning Managers into Leaders

Junhan Chin Presentation Speaker

Junhan Chin

Visual Storyteller

James Evanow

Captain James Evanow

Leadership & Change Navigator