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Business Planning

Growing your Speaker business must begin with a business plan and setting clear goals. The extent of the deopth of your plan is dependent on many factors. For this purpose, we will keep it simple. I have a one-page business plan to start, and you can dive deeper as desired and as needed for your market, ambitions, and team.

Keep in mind that, the key to truly realizing these ambitions lies not only in the act of it's creation but in the continuous process of evaluating and reassessing the steps necessary to reach them. The process of regular check-in points acknowledges the dynamic nature of our lives and aspirations.

At the core of this approach is the recognition that goals are not static targets; they evolve as we do. As we progress, gain new experiences, and encounter unforeseen challenges, our initial plans might need adjustment. The act of consistently reviewing our goals allows us to stay aligned with our deepest values and current capabilities, ensuring that our efforts are directed toward what is most meaningful and attainable at any given moment.

Reassessing our actions is equally crucial. It involves asking ourselves if the steps we are taking are still effective or if new strategies are needed. This reflective practice helps us to remain adaptable, overcome obstacles, and seize new opportunities that align with our evolving goals.

By embracing this dynamic and reflective approach to goal setting and action planning, we empower ourselves to navigate the complexities of change, stay committed to our growth, and ultimately, achieve a more fulfilling and purposeful journey towards our aspirations.