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Brandon Ginsberg AI Speaker

Decoding the Future

Brandon Ginsberg

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West Palm Beach, FL

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Brandon Ginsberg, CEO of ApparelMagic, a successful Apparel software. As a speaker, Brandon captivates audiences with his deep understanding and application of the intersection between business and emerging technology.

Innovation, AI, Crypto, and Beyond
Brandon Ginsberg delves deep into the synergies between fashion, software engineering, and the evolving world of digital currency and assets. Drawing from his rich experience as the CEO of ApparelMagic and his early forays into the world of cryptocurrency, Brandon offers a unique perspective on the transformative impact of AI and NFTs on business operations. Attendees will gain insights into practical applications of these technologies, understanding how they can drive business innovation and navigate the challenges of an increasingly digitalized industry. Expect a compelling blend of tech expertise, business acumen, and a vision for the future of fashion and tech.


Brandon Ginsberg, CEO of ApparelMagic, is a pioneer fashion software and early crypto adopter. With a software engineering background, he seamlessly integrates AI and crypto/NFT expertise into real-world applications.

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