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Creating Confidence and Taking Action

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Cara Poppitt

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Cara is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and dancer. She has danced professionally in five countries and has been featured in music videos, commercials, and movies. Cara is the owner of two companies and serves as a business coach helping people take action. This woman can Pop it and lock it.

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Discover how to take action and what’s really holding you back.

Did you know the way most of us try to build confidence is backwards? The standard “confidence model” is keeping you stuck, waiting in the wings of life. Feeling stuck is not a problem; it’s an alert that you are in a transitional phase of life. When you feel stuck, the easiest way to quickly move into action is a simple re-ordering of the steps to build confidence.

In this inspiring and entertaining keynote, audiences will learn a Cycle of Change Model that will quickly yield results. Cara Poppitt, speaker, dancer, and founder of two award-winning companies draws on her experience teaching dance to thousands of girls and coaching thousands of entrepreneurs. Using science, real-life stories, and dance, Poppitt helps audiences understand what really holds them back from making big and meaningful changes.


Cara Poppitt is a dancer, entrepreneur, speaker, author and coach. She is the owner of two award-winning companies, and has danced professionally in CTM music videos, commercials, and movies. Aside from dancing, her passion is helping people get unstuck in life and take action while developing their confidence along the way. She shares her knowledge and experience to encourage others to do their inner work, connect with who they are, and make themselves a priority. She believes anything is possible with confidence, and you take action without feeling ready. She has taught dance to over 30,000 students and coached over 10,000 entrepreneurs and understands how confidence is developed. Cara holds two Bachelors’ degrees, one in Commerce and one in Psychology. Awarded CIBC Entrepreneur of the Year, she was also named Global Television’s Woman of Vision and featured on Global News. She has been highlighted in magazines and for her unique approach to a mind-body connection.  

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Cara Poppitt commands the stage in the most magnetic joyful and inspiring way.

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