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Finding the Funny

Joy Earle

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Atlanta, GA

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Inspirational Speaker/Humorist/Vocalist: Joy Earle has been making people laugh since she was “too young to remember”. She has a unique way of taking stories from everyday life and turning them into a hilarious adventure. Joy has been “finding the funny” in life and entertaining audiences across the country.

Stories of My Life So You Feel Better About Yours – From the beginning to the present Joy shares stories of growing up in Kentucky, living in south Florida and landing in Georgia.  Real stories that find the funny in life along with a lesson learned and never forgotten.  Inspiration to pursue every day with expectation of finding a funny along the way.

Good News!  It’s Christmas? – Stories of Christmases past and longing for stress free holidays for the future.  Joy shares the homegrown tales of snowy Christmases and those that were shared in sunny south Florida.  Holiday music a must and Joy’s Christmas selections are always some of everyone’s favorites.


Inspirational Speaker/Humorist/Vocalist This is me, Joy Earle and in my own words…… I thank you for taking some time to browse the website so that you can have your own snapshot into my life and see my passion for finding the funny in life. I have been sharing my life stories since I was a child. I consider laughter a life celebration, and offering that to an audience is a lifelong dream come true. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother “Gaga,” and friend. I am deeply invested in every area of my life, and should you ever be part of this circle of love, you will hear a story or two about yourself, so be careful. My facial expressions put me in a lot of trouble growing up in Kentucky. I was asked by a teacher, “Are your eyes loose in your head? They keep rolling!” Yes, the “Joy Earle eye roll” should have been patented long ago; it is a trademark if I ever had one. Those facial expressions now grace platforms across the country, and as of yet no one has asked if my eyes were not attached! The truth, my truth, is that life has given me my best stories; you can’t make this stuff up! I will never tire of finding the funny in every bit of it and sharing it with the world. I hope we will meet in the near future to celebrate the funny together. You’re welcome!

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Stacy Robinson, The Robinson Agency
Atlanta, GA
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. Joy, we absolutely loved having you @churchonmain_ga this Christmas season!!! Our people loved you and are still raving about you!🎄 . Event planners … I would encourage anyone who’s thinking of having Joy share her hilarious comedic storytelling talent and extraordinary singing talent at their future event to lock in their date on Joy’s calendar without delay.
Anita Renfroe, Comedian
Wichita, KS
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Joy is authentic and original. She’s hilarious with her clever wit and one-of-a-kind humor.
Smart Meetings
Ft. Worth, TX
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