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AI, Innovation, & Future of Teams Expert

Dan Chuparkoff

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Innovative team-transformer from Google, McKinsey, & Atlassian preparing people for the future of innovation & change

Reinvention & The Future of Innovation

Most people on most teams are overwhelmed and exhausted by a firehose of change. Leaders and their teams often struggle to find common ground. Everyone is anxious about the speed at which AI and other technology is changing the way we work!

Dan Chuparkoff is a team-transformation leader with 30 years of experience running some of the best teams in the world. After thousands of experiments, he’s discovered this:

Teams struggle when they try to tackle a world of constant change with learning, collaboration, & technology-adoption practices that are decades out-of-date.

Dan reinvents the way teams work. He invites people to unlock the curious and optimistic parts of themselves, so they get excited about change. Dan helps teams to collaborate at the speed of light. Dan inspires organizations to harness the power of technology to find success and growth that was previously unimaginable.


Dan Chuparkoff: Innovative Team Reinvention Expert

Teams today are surrounded by change, they’re buried under an avalanche of information, and they’re often anxious, or confused about new technologies like AI (or ignoring them altogether). Dan Chuparkoff isn’t just a speaker – he’s one of the world’s leading experts on innovation, AI, and the future of teams. He spent three decades as an innovative leader at companies like Google, McKinsey, and Atlassian. Dan built, led, and reinvented the teams who built products for billions of customers. He knows that a constantly-changing world constantly demands new ways of working. Dan’s superpower is making complex things simple and useful. With his formula for reinventing teams in a world of innovation and change, he’s helped teams of every shape and size to escape disruption and find success. Dan shows teams how to harness the power of technology to learn faster, collaborate faster, create autonomy faster, and create the impact they need for the decades ahead.

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Xiaoyin Qu
Founder & CEO, Run the World
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"Dan is a charismatic leader with deep passion for new technologies & the ways teams can solve their hardest problems. He is an awesome speaker who can inspire and engage audiences deeply!"
Obiaku Ohiaeri
Co-Founder/CEO, @Binkey Financial Services
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“Dan truly understands the real issues and challenges that companies are grappling with and he has a way of helping leaders to distill it all down in a way that is tangible, practical, and actionable.”
Pete Terryn
Director of Operations, @NuWave Technology Partners
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“Dan shared an exciting vision for our future that was incredibly inspiring. Marrying manufacturing capabilities with AI opened my mind beyond anything I had considered before!”

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