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Mitigating Stress & Burnout: A Symphony for Success

Julian Reeve

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Los Angeles, CA

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Formerly the Music Director of the Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’, Julian Reeve is a CEO and International Speaker committed to inspiring healthier attitudes to work. Fueled by his stress-related heart attack, aged just 43, he empowers audiences with strategic resilience for burnout-free success.


Numerous studies indicate that employee burnout is the new epidemic. 70% of the general workforce reported experiencing burnout symptoms in 2023, which costs organizations $180 Trillion in lost productivity and up to 200% of a worker’s annual salary if they needed to quit.

Organizations are losing their best workers to burnout at tremendous expense, but what do we do? How do we keep workers engaged and resilient and how can we best support them?

Julian shares his unique method for burnout-free success, inspiring a shared responsibility for stress and burnout management. His blueprint for optimized cultures, systems, and strategy empower organizations to keep employees healthy and engaged, and workers the chance to shine.

Attendees will:

  • Discover how to build a burnout-free culture, retain high achievers, and optimize performance
  • Learn the ‘6 Keys to Burnout Avoidance’
  • Clarify Individual vs. Organizational burnout responsibilities
  • Position themselves for greater success

NB: in-person keynotes include a fun and interactive musical experience from the Broadway musical, ‘Hamilton’



Recent studies show that 70% of the general workforce experienced some degree of burnout in 2023. Increased workloads, lack of autonomy, and insufficient flexibility were just some of the reasons given, with lack of support from leadership and inauthentic management styles not too far behind.

With these higher workloads, archaic systems, and insufficient social environments unlikely to go anywhere soon, how can we learn to thrive? How can we strategize our ability to reduce the stress that turns into burnout?

Building resilience and changing our perception of stress, is the key. When we adapt our thinking and make strategic choices with every-day tasks, we reduce stress and bypass burnout.

Attendees will:

  • Discover the power of Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Compassion, and Self-Awareness
  • Build unique strategies which quickly promote a healthier approach to work
  • Create a ‘Symphony For Success’, which inspires resilience and greater work/life balance
  • Develop a deep understanding of what they need to thrive

NB: in-person keynotes include a fun and interactive musical experience from the Broadway musical, ‘Hamilton’


Critically acclaimed for his work on the Broadway smash-hit musical Hamilton, Julian’s rich and varied career experience is compelling.   He graduated with honors from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, before embarking on a highly successful career as a musician, educator, and entrepreneur.   He performed to millions across six continents around the world as a Music Director, winning The Los Angeles Drama Critic Circle Award for Best Music Direction on the Broadway musical Hamilton before leading it’s first presentations at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (DC) and at the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferrè in Puerto Rico (with Lin Manuel Miranda).   A seasoned entrepreneur, Julian has founded four successful businesses in the creative sector including the London based boutique talent agency, Boland & Reeve Ltd (now Collective Agents) and Perfect Equilibrium™ in Los Angeles. He has also worked in many diverse roles outside of performing including concert / tour promoter, theatre producer, and record company executive.   As a coach, he has inspired thousands of students of all ages in performance and performance psychology across the USA, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, and Japan, with the promotion of self-compassion and well-being central to his message.   Julian suffered a heart-attack aged just 43, a direct result of stress, workaholism, and perfectionism. Now fully recovered and retired from performing, he uses this experience together with extensive research to inspire organizations and high achievers to adopt a healthier approach to work.   Julian is an Advisory Board Member for’s Research Institute (Employee Retention), and a noted authority on perfectionism. He has written articles for The Hill, Fast Company Magazine, and CEO World magazine and is a TEDx speaker and international keynote speaker, presenting to Evanta, Teleflora, Learn4Life, MPI, PHIRA, and HRWest among others.   He can be heard on numerous top 200 podcasts, and his interviews have featured across the ABC, NBC, and CBS networks.

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Catie Briggs
Content Manager, EVANTA
Read More
The real deal! Julian’s incredible transparency and insights had our audiences fully engaged.
Lottie McKinnon
Program Director, TELEFLORA
Read More
You were a breath of fresh air. I’ve had SO many great comments!
Katie Risher
President, MPI (North Florida Chapter)
Read More
A charismatic, relatable and entertaining presentation. Highly recommended!

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