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Mental Health Speaker

Sam Kabert

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Santa Cruz, CA

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Sam Kabert is renowned for his remarkable ability to assemble high-performing teams that turn visionary concepts into thriving realities. His work balances team effort, personal motivation and common purpose.

Overcome Overwhelm and Boost Performance: The Practice to go from stressed & overwhelmed to Energized & Productive!

Have you experienced burnout? Let’s be real, we all have to some extent. Today’s workforce is stressed,  anxious and skeptical. It goes beyond burnout though. We are in a mental health Crisis. According to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) reports; nearly 1 in 5 American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. That’s 20% of people that are struggling. It’s time we put our own Mental Health as the number one priority – in business, in education, in all of our relationships.

Our current hussle culture encourage neglecting time for mental health and well-being. Sam’s proven practice puts one’s own mental health as the #1 priority.   In this session, you’ll also learn the most effective ways to regulate your nervous system through practical breathwork exercises and the science that backs it up! By implementing a mindful breathing practice, you’ll experience first hand increased focus , clarity and wellbeing.

SOUL/Life Balance is the practice that addresses the Mental Health crisis by providing the tools & resources to connect with oneself.


Sam Kabert is a seasoned serial entrepreneur renowned for his remarkable ability to assemble high-performing teams that turn visionary concepts into thriving realities. With accolades like being named one of Silicon Valley’s “40 Under 40” at the age of just 31 and earning recognition as a “Rising Star” in the promotional products industry, Sam’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. However, beneath the veneer of success, Sam discovered a profound void. Despite his achievements, a sense of unhappiness lingered. This awakening served as the catalyst for his profound quest to uncover his life’s true purpose. As the accomplished Author of the #1 Bestselling book, “SOUL/Life Balance,” Sam now leads a mission to inspire and empower individuals. His focus is on providing accessible, everyday techniques that enhance mental well-being. Through transformative practices such as breathwork and the reprogramming of subconscious limiting beliefs, Sam is committed to helping people unlock their untapped potential and lead deeply fulfilling lives. What sets Sam apart is his dedication to bridging the divide between business conduct, mindful practices, and self-communication. His approach centers on prioritizing psychological safety and mental health as the cornerstones of personal and professional excellence. Event planners, take note – Sam Kabert is the speaker who will ignite your conference with inspiration and transformation.

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Sue Selseth Executive Director, UMAPP
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This was the first time in the history of the show that the room was sold out for tickets! Sam delivered a powerful presentation that kept the audience engaged and focused. His message resonated with our audience as the feedback we heard immediately after the program was abundant with positive comments. He was professional and very easy to work with in creating the program and in every aspect of bringing this presentation to life. Sam will always be on the list as a speaker we would like to have return.
Toni-Cynthia Jasmine Reeves, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Sam was a natural with our Freshman students. He took the time to learn their names as they engaged with him and shared his own personal experiences. I believe connections were made in the workshop. Sam was able to provide tangible and mental tools for the students. These tools can be carried with them on their own personal journey. If you are looking for a speaker who will connect with your student body along with educating them on mindful leadership, Sam is the speaker for you.
Santa Cruz
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I found Sam’s talk important because the language he uses makes it easy to connect with the ideas of what he was saying and a clear path to attain SOUL/Life Balance.

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