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Who are we?

Our Audience: People planning events on the side of their regular job, executive assistants, marketing and sales, COO, Talent, and Development, etc. They have limited time and knowledge on how to run an effective event. Our role at BTS is to make planning events easier for them by providing checklists, contracts, and other resources to help them plan and run a smooth event. They will be able to create a free membership and log in to get access to these resources. BTS also has a method to support event follow-up planning and multi-day and multi-disciplinary events to help event planners get the results desired for these events and support attendees get the most out of multi-day/multi-speaker events. They will be able to keep a “favorites” list of speakers to come back to for future events and purchase books, courses, and webinars prior to or as a follow-up to their event. Our team and our resources will help them to recognize the value of the follow-up in their event planning. We will be encouraging event planners to think about resources that go beyond the event and encourage the purchase of after-event coaching, courses, and multi-session engagements with the speaker.
Our Promise: We make the event planners look good, by helping them create more impactful events with dynamic icebreakers and speakers that engage, entertain, and educate, as well as provide resources for after-event implementation.
Our interest is creating long-term Impact.

Our Model

We Promote YOU

In case it wasn’t clear, this is not a passive platform; we are actively looking for engagements for members via phone calls, ads, and SEO. We also have existing relationships that we are leveraging and are sending our contacts to your profile. You may also see an uptick on your website as many people will google you and look at your website before making a decision to interview you.

You are our client

Our model is a bit different; You pay a monthly fee, so we work for YOU and the Planner, not just the planner. Then, when you are placed, we only take 15%. This means that even if you are not a celebrity or often booked speaker, if you are accepted on this platform, we are promoting YOU and sending people to your profile from our calls. We are limiting the number of people per category so we can focus on you, our members. You are our client.


Founding member benefits

These fees are guaranteed for founding members, but they will likely go up as word gets around and the spaces are filled.


Referral opportunities

We have speakers of all price points, If you wish to be in a referral program and share opportunities that are not a fit for you, we will provide you a referral fee if we place someone at one of your provided contacts. You are helping other speakers grow their business while building yours.


Other cool features

Members can access our speaker dashboard with resources created to help your business; you see planner activity on your profile page and you can sell books, courses, and other materials for the client to purchase following the event or even as a way to see your material before going deeper.


Building your business

We are founded by speakers who want more than a Speakers Bureau but an active outreach and community. We want to help you build your business and showcase your body of work.