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Top Business Speakers and Keynote Speaking Topics for Today’s Work Environment

Top Business Speakers and Keynote Speaking Topics for Today’s Work Environment

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business landscape, effective communication, leadership, and engagement are more crucial than ever. To navigate these challenges and thrive in the modern workplace, businesses are turning to top speakers who can provide insights, inspiration, and actionable strategies. 

Hence, this article outlines the top business speakers and their speaking topics that address areas of engagement and leadership in business environments as we know them today. 

These top business speakers and topics are essential for any organization that wants to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. Each topic is vital in fostering a successful and impactful business culture while helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals.  

By engaging with these experts and applying their insights, businesses can foster effective communication, build strong cultures, and create a workplace that engages and inspires employees to perform at their best.

8 Top Business Speakers And Their Speaking Topics

Kelly Swanson: Storytelling

Kelly Swanson top business speakers

Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, hall-of-fame inspirational speaker, and Huffington Post Contributor. She is the author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, The Land of If Only, The Story Formula, and The Affirmation Journal for Positive Thinking. Kelly’s wacky wit and powerful stories have charmed many hearts and tickled funny bones for over 20 years.

She is a master storyteller who captivates audiences with her ability to weave narratives that connect, inspire, and transform. Kelly knows stories are secret ingredients to business success. By weaving tales that captivate the mind and touch the heart, she empowers business leaders to convey messages in a compelling and memorable way. She believes storytelling is a powerful tool for building stronger relationships, fostering innovation, and creating a more meaningful workplace culture. 

Storytelling indeed is vital for engagement in today’s business environment. It is an exciting tool that can transform everything from presentations to simple emails between leaders and their teams, unleashing engagement, communication, and persuasion like never before. 

Karin Hurt: Communication

Karin Hurt top keynote speakers

Karin Hurt helps human-centered leaders find clarity in uncertainty, drive innovation, and achieve breakthrough results. She’s the Founder and CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders, a global leadership firm. A former Verizon Wireless executive with over two decades of experience in customer service, sales, and human resources, Karin is known for growing courageous leaders, developing great cultures, and inspiring high-performance teams. 

Even so, she has authored five books, including Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Workplace Conflict: What to Say Next to Destress the Workday, Build Collaboration and Calm Difficult Customers (May 2024), Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates.

As a communications expert, she empowers leaders to communicate more effectively with their employees, customers, and stakeholders. She emphasizes the importance of clear, concise, and authentic communication in building trust, driving productivity, and achieving organizational goals. 

Effective communication is the cornerstone of exceptional leadership. With her guidance, individuals and business leaders can break down barriers, promote clear understanding, and foster collaboration. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and embrace a harmonious, productive, and engaged work environment where positive relationships prevail. 

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger: Culture

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger is an Emmy Award-winning comedian, senior training professional, and high-performance consultant.

Having held executive leadership roles in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries and being a trusted advisor to international leaders at all levels for over 20 years, she brings first-hand leadership experience to draw upon.

She is also the past president of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Association for Talent Development. She is the past president of a local Toastmasters club.  For 17 years, she served on the non-credit faculty at Temple University. She won an Emmy in 2019 for her work on the PBS talk show “Counter Culture.” 

Theresa has especially presented on organizational culture, management, leadership development, talent management, and employee management. 

As one of the top business speakers and culture architects, Theresa Hummel-Kralinger helps businesses create high-performing cultures that attract and retain top talent. A champion of fostering employee engagement, productivity, and organizational success. She unveils secrets to building a vibrant and thriving company culture.

She believes a strong company culture is the foundation of success, driving innovation, engagement, and overall business performance. Prepare to transform your work environment into a hub of inspiration, innovation, and unwavering loyalty. 

Diane Allen: Flow-Violinist

Diane Allen

Diane Allen is a Flow State Speaker and Violinist. She works with business leaders, helping them create workplaces where everyone can swiftly get into their zone, enhancing productivity and creativity. Diane is also the author of Flow-Unlock Your Genius, Love What You Do.

She combines 30+ years of experience in performance psychology and her musical talent as a violinist to unravel the concepts of flow theory, enabling anyone to tap into their highest and most productive self.

Hence, she teaches teams and business leaders how to tap into the flow state, where individuals experience peak performance, heightened focus, and intrinsic motivation. Flow, or being in the zone, is essential for leading and engaging teams.

Diane empowers teams to discover how to immerse themselves in their work to achieve optimal performance fully. Brace yourself for a symphony of success like never before.

Shawn Rhodes: Sales Speaker

Shawn Rhodes

Shawn Rhodes is an Award-Winning Marine Corps War Correspondent, Chief Sales Sergeant, and Nationally Syndicated Business Columnist. He is also the Author of Pivot Point: Turn On A Dime Without Sacrificing Results, Universal Export: A Guide for Overachievers in Working Less and Enjoying More, and a forthcoming book, Bulletproof Selling: Surviving and Thriving on the Battlefield of Sales.

Having spent many years on battlefields worldwide, Shawn now helps salespeople save businesses by skyrocketing revenue. As a top business speaker and sales expert, Shawn Roads understands that sales is the lifeblood of any business. 

With insights and strategies to skyrocket sales performance, Shawn Roads equips leaders and teams with tools to drive revenue and achieve unparalleled business success. 

Specifically, Shawn Roads provides insights on sales’s core tenets, including effective communication, relationship building, and negotiation strategies. He emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and building trust to close more deals. 

Effective sales techniques and strategies are vital to revenue growth and business success. Bid farewell to missed opportunities and use practical tools that lead to more wins. 

Dan Gingiss: Customer Service

Dan Gingiss

Dan Gingiss is a top customer experience keynote speaker who helps businesses create a customer-centric culture that delivers exceptional service experiences.

He combines 20+ years of experience leading companies in marketing and customer experience at brands like McDonald’s, Humana, and Discover to empower brands with actionable customer experience solutions. He is also the author of books like The Experience Maker and Social Customer Care. 

Dan believes that customer service is not just a department, but a company-wide commitment to creating loyal customers. Exceptional customer service is vital to customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy. It directly impacts business growth and brand reputation. With his expert advice, you can transform every customer interaction into a delightful and memorable experience.

Scott Tilema: Negotiation

Scot Tilemma

Scott Tilema is a nationally recognized leader in negotiation and conflict resolution. 

As a retired SWAT FBI-trained hostage negotiator, Scott has over twenty years of law enforcement service. He is the founding partner of The Negotiations Collective, where he empowers organizations with life-saving negotiation principles to create business success. 

He has developed a powerful model for safely resolving crises, which is now recognized and adapted for use in sales, customer service, communication, human resources, and leadership. As one of the top business speakers and negotiation experts, Scott empowers businesses to achieve better negotiation outcomes through adequate preparation, strategic communication, and persuasive techniques.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding the other party’s perspective and finding win-win solutions. Negotiation skills are critical for effective leadership and engagement in the business world. They enable us to navigate conflicts, reach the best solutions for all parties involved, and build stronger relationships. 

Joshua Evans: Purpose

Joshua Evans

Joshua Evans is a purpose-driven speaker who helps businesses connect their work to a higher purpose, inspiring employees to contribute to something meaningful.  He combines over 15 years of working in diverse industries and his life experiences to create immersive moments for all audiences. He is also the author of the best-selling book “Enthusiastic You!”.

Specifically, Joshua helps teams change their mindset about work, bringing deeper purpose to the workplace. 

In truth, understanding and living with a sense of purpose is vital at personal and professional levels. When teams have a clear purpose about the impact of their work, it can drive innovation, productivity, and engagement. This, in turn, drives attracting and retaining top talent towards sustainable success. 

Shawn Dubravac: Future of Work

Shawn Dubravac top business speakers

Shawn Dubravac is an acclaimed global futurist and trendcaster who helps organizations prepare for the future of work, exploring emerging trends, technologies, and workforce dynamics.

He is also the author of the New York Times Best Seller, “ Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate”. 

He’s also the chief economist for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®), placing him at the forefront of the latest consumer technology trends. He has also spearheaded the creation of the first smartphone and cyber-security equity indexes in partnership with NASDAQ, the CE consumer confidence index, and CNET.

As one of the top business speakers and internationally recognized thought leaders, he delivers provocative insights on how the world’s mass adoption of digital technologies impacts business environments today. Adapting to emerging trends in the work environment is characterized by increased flexibility and autonomy, focus on outcomes, automation, and continuous learning. These themes increase engagement as employees feel more valued and invested in their careers.  Understanding the future of work is crucial for all business leaders to effectively innovate, adapt, and drive engagement in the rapidly evolving bss world.usine 


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