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Terms and Conditions

By signing a contract with us, you acknowledge that the Speaker Booking is a firm offer and verbal contract consequently, if the speaker accepts your offer, a binding written contract will be formed, subjecting you to the following terms and conditions listed on our printed contract (and displayed below), whether or not you have signed it.  

These terms include the following provision pertaining to cancellation:  if you cancel the booking at any time prior to sixty (60) days before the event, the entire deposit is due and if you cancel within sixty (60) days of the event, the entire honorarium is due.  Payment terms will be as follows:  50% deposit will be due within two (2) weeks of your contract issue date; the balance will be due no later than ten (10) days prior to the engagement.

You represent that you have the requisite authority to enter into such a binding contract. This offer form must be filled out, signed by someone with the requisite authority and returned within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt by you.  If signed forms are not received in a timely manner, your firm offer status will revert to a temporary “hold” on the speaker’s calendar; this “hold” will be removed after 10 days.  This Agreement shall be construed under and governed in all respects by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without regard to conflict of law principles. The parties agree that the Superior Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the United States Court for the District of Pennsylvania, and the Chester County Municipal Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to consider any matters related to this Agreement, including without limitation any claim for violation of this Agreement.The honorarium is understood to be for the Speaker’s presentation only, and no additional activities, discussion groups, receptions, dinners, press interviews, television or radio arrangements shall be planned by the Client, nor expected of the Speaker, unless expressly contained as part of the terms of this Agreement.

With your signature, you are authorizing Book Top Speakers to bring a firm and binding offer to the speaker on your behalf.  This form is not committing BTS or the speaker to the event until he has accepted. Once accepted, contracts for the event will be sent to you for signature.


Client agrees to pay BTS as consideration for Speaker’s service the amounts set forth under the “TERMS” above.  Payment is made in the form of a check, payable to Book Top Speakers (FEID # 93-3551132) and mailed to 505 Delancy Circle Devon, PA 19333.

The honorarium is understood to be for the Speaker’s presentation only, and no additional activities, discussion groups, receptions, dinners, press interviews, television or radio arrangements shall be planned by the Client, nor expected of the Speaker, unless expressly contained as part of the terms of this Agreement.

If applicable, any and all city, state, federal or foreign taxes shall be paid by Client.  (No taxes whatsoever shall be deducted from the honorarium.)

If host organization is required to withhold state income tax on behalf of the speaker, that amount shall be added to the total speaker fee, resulting in the total gross speaker fee paid to BTS Speakers Bureau the same amount as agreed to within this contract.

It is understood that the Speaker is an independent contractor and, therefore, assumes all responsibility for withholding tax, social security, state tax, public liability, and workman’s compensation insurance.  As an independent contractor, the Speaker shall have exclusive control over the means, methods, and details of fulfilling the obligations stated above.


Expenses can be itemized or in the form of a buy-out, a fixed fee agreed for expenses. Expenses will include airfare and other normal charges and expenditures, local lodging and meals, taxi, uber or limousine fares, parking and any other expenses made necessary by the Speaker’s trip to, presence in, or trip from the city in which the program is presented.  Reimbursement shall be limited to only those expenses actually incurred by the Speaker.

Client shall provide a well-heated, lighted, and proper place for the program, in good condition, together with all necessary stage accessories and properties, including microphones and amplification system in proper working condition.

Rights of Work

The printed and spoken material of the Speaker is the copyright of the Speaker. 

No lecture or program or any part thereof is to be reproduced, including, but not limited to, reproduction by broadcasting, videotaping or tape recording, without written permission of Book Top Speakers or Speaker.

Use of Name and Image

The Client and Speaker shall be able to use the name and Image of each, respectively, in connection with the event. Speaker’s name may not be, directly or indirectly, with any product or service without prior consent.

All photographs associated with the event may be used in association with the event, and photos will be provided license-free to Speaker.

The Sponsor may not take any audio or video of the event without consent from the Speaker. An e-mail documenting content and usage is acceptable approval. 

Photographs and Videos may not be distributed to the public without the prior written consent of the Speaker.


It is understood that this Agreement is binding on both parties, it cannot be canceled except as follows:  BTS and Client mutually agree that either party may cancel this Agreement, and all parties shall be released from any liability or damages hereunder if the Speaker or Client is unable to fulfill the terms of this Agreement due to an Act of God or any legitimate condition beyond the control of the Speaker or Client.  However, it is agreed by both parties that “best efforts” will be made by both parties to so adapt that the program be presented as scheduled.

Should a personal emergency, illness or “Act of God” force the Speaker to cancel the Client’s date, the BTS will make its best effort to provide a comparable replacement Speaker.  Book Top Speakers agrees to refund to the Client any advances or deposits received from the Client in the event the Speaker cancels the Agreement and BTS can not provide a comparable Speaker that is acceptable to the Client.  The foregoing rights of cancellation shall be in addition to any other provision respecting cancellation contained in this Agreement.

In the event of cancellation of this Agreement by the Speaker or should the Speaker be unable to appear as scheduled due to illness or an unforeseen emergency, or overriding obligation or professional responsibility, BTS will not have any liability for expenses or losses incurred by the Client.

In the event that the Speaker is unavoidably delayed but arrives and presents his/her program in full as directed by the Client, the engagement will be considered to have been completed as agreed, and all fees, honorariums, and other charges shall be due and paid in full.

Your signed copy of this Agreement is an acknowledgment that the Speaker has agreed to appear at the time and place specified above.  It is agreed by both parties that any delay in the Speaker’s appearance shall not subject BTS to liability as long as BTS has used its best efforts to ensure Speaker’s appearance as scheduled.

Hold Harmless

Client acknowledges that Book Top Speakers acts as the Speaker’s agent and shall not be liable in any way for Speaker’s actions, including, but not limited to, his/her acts, omissions or statements.

Deposits and Refunds

50% of the deposit is due upon signing of the contract. Deposits received are not refundable if the Client cancels this Agreement for any reason.  In the event of breach or cancellation of this Agreement by the Client up to 60 days prior to the event, the entire deposit shall be immediately due Book Top Speakers.

In the event of Client’s breach or cancellation of this Agreement within 60 days of the scheduled event, the entire honorarium shall be due immediately to Book Top Speakers.

The Client may not publicize this event until the contract is signed and returned along with the required deposit.

In the event the Client fails or refuses to provide any of the items herein stated, or fails or refuses to make any of the payments as provided herein or to proceed with the engagement, the Speaker shall have no obligation to perform this Agreement.


The representative of the Client, in signing this Agreement, warrants that he/she signs as a duly representative of Client and does not assume any personal liability.  The BTS representative warrants that the BTS has expressed authority to contract on behalf of the Speaker.

This Agreement cannot be changed, modified, waived or discharged in whole or in part except in writing and signed by the parties hereto.

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