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Freedom Beyond Fear


Adam Hill

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Denver, Colorado

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In Adam’s talks, he shares his powerful story of transformation, from a debilitating anxiety disorder and alcoholism to becoming a world championship qualifying triathlete and nine figure CEO. Adam leaves audiences with simple and powerful strategies to help audiences embrace the conviction and discipline to pursue big goals.

Freedom Beyond Fear

Do you have big dreams that you are putting off or giving up on because of uncertainty or self doubt? Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed and on the brink of burnout?

When you make a commitment to pursue big dreams or goals, it is easy to become discouraged when fear or limiting beliefs get in the way. They can feel like obstacles to achievement.

But what if those fears weren’t obstacles to be avoided, but signals for opportunity to be embraced?

In the Freedom Beyond Fear program, audiences will learn valuable insights in how to evolve their relationship with fear – from fighting it, to facing it, to embracing it – and be given simple strategies to transform fear and limiting beliefs into freedom and flow.

Through his inspiring story of overcoming a debilitating anxiety disorder and alcoholism and becoming a world championship qualifying triathlete and successful nine figure CEO, Adam Hill invites audiences to develop a new and empowered relationship with fear – one that results in a high flow life – by letting go of the idea that we have to “get over” fear, and instead learn to rise above it through simple and actionable strategies that will change the course of how we lead and live.

After hearing Adam speak, audiences will…

  • Discover the root causes to our fears and limiting beliefs, and how they lead to discouragement and despair.
  • Learn the three virtues that can help us overcome those fears limiting beliefs.
  • Develop the strategies to turn our everyday fears into fuel.
  • Tap into higher levels of courage, conviction, and confidence in our careers, relationships, and our lives.
  • Learn the secret of the 80% / 5% Formula for finding greater flow.


Adam Hill is an international keynote speaker, bestselling author, CEO, and host of the top rated podcast, Flow Over Fear. Through his frameworks, Adam helps leaders, dreamers, and high achievers turn fear into freedom and flow. After overcoming alcoholism and unhealthy habits, Adam reframed his anxiety disorder into a superpower, becoming a top amateur triathlete, inspiring leader, and CEO of a multigenerational business that he has helped grow to 9 figures. In 2017 Adam was featured on the NBC Sports series IRONMAN: Quest for Kona, which chronicled his successful attempt to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. When he is not running a 100 year old legacy company, speaking, or chasing new adventures beyond fear, chances are he is “entertaining” people with puns. Whether or not he’s successful with that, you can be the judge.

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Mike Tucker
President, Stego Industries, San Clemente, California
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His story, energy, and attitude inspired a great response from our team. While Adam has a captivating and entertaining story to tell, the tangible takeaways he provided to us stood out to me in terms of biggest value to our business. Mindset is so important to success, and Adam has a connective way of driving that point home.
Fred Joyal
Founder, 1-800-DENTIST
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Adam’s whole concept of embracing fear tied to his story of conquering addiction… Experiencing fear to embracing it… a really powerful and unique message.
Niomi Hurley
Founder, Southwest Success Forum, Australia
Read More
Adam has been a speaker for my Wellness and Success Forums. He has a unique way of combining his quirkiness and wisdom in a way that really connects and captivates the audience.

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