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The TRUTH About Showing Up - Creating a Meaningful Life

Marcy Axelrod

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2x TEDx Speaker, TV Contributor and Award-Winning Author, Marcy Axelrod, explains our choice: • “Just Show Up,” improvising as we go? • “Truly Show Up,” living decisive moments with intent? • or “Barely There,” struggling to Show Up at all? 20 years of research reveal how nature designed us to thrive!



Every day we have a choice:

  •    Do we “Just Show Up,” improvising as we go, phoning in our intentions?
  •    Do we “Truly Show Up,” living decisive moments with intent?
  •    Or are we “Barely There,” struggling to Show Up at all?

Showing Up is the invisible system all around us, connecting us to our Society, Situations, Selves, and each other. And it’s a contact sport. It’s how we lead, whether parenting, coaching, playing, empowering one another, or steering a global company.

Showing Up orients us toward a meaningful life.

WHAT AUDIENCES LEARN: In her mesmerizing keynotes, Marcy Axelrod reveals nature’s model of how humans are designed to Show Up. This truth hits us clearly and profoundly. Through twenty years of research and pragmatic examples, this insight becomes a roadmap to truly “Show Up,” more often and with greater ease.

THE IMPACT: Both simple and life changing, audiences deepen their self-grounding, social readiness, and societal connectedness. Teams leave her session relating more human-to-human, inspiring greater health, competence, and confidence. Bosses through entry level team members will leave infusing this richness into their families, businesses, economy, and the health of our planet.

Drawing from psychology, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology, Marcy deeply inspires as she builds – with her audience – a powerful playbook for leading a meaningful, high-achieving life—all while taking care of the world and each other.



·       You’ve probably noticed, most people JUST Show Up, leaving outcomes to luck or chance. In fact, up to 80% of Americans lay in bed feeling we’re underachieving our potential, breeding disappointment across our daily interactions, health, leadership and corporate performance.

·       Why? We don’t know the truth about Showing Up!

With 20 years of research, neuroscience, psychology – and a good bit of FUN! – Marcy explains nature’s model of how humans are designed to Showing Up. She makes it easy to FINALLY be our genuine, powerful selves… leaders, creators, parents and friends.




1.     DEEPER ENGAGING / LESS QUIET QUITTING – Tighter bonds among teams, friends and family, lessening loneliness, boosting active involvement, collaboration and loyalty.

2.     HEIGHTENED READINESS – Be more prepared with forethought, openhearted listening, and inventiveness.

3.     SOLID GROUNDING – Feel more safe, confident and trusting of your inner voice, opening you to others and to creative connections.



SHOW UP INSTITUTE FOUNDER AND CEO Marcy Axelrod is a visionary leader, award-winning author, TV Contributor, 2X TEDx speaker and management consultant. Her approaches have been tested and proven through global projects with some of the world’s largest high-tech companies (e.g., HP, SAP, Cisco). With a background on Wall Street (Lehman Brothers) and in Silicon Valley, Marcy’s work has been highly praised by professors at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Cornell. Based on 20+ years of research, Marcy’s speeches present in 3-D nature’s model of how humans are designed to Show Up to thrive. Her insights are helping thousands of people connect more deeply with themselves, others and their experiences, adding meaning to their lives, and helping companies around the world to innovate and grow. Showing Up integrates neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics and evolutionary biology with top consulting strategies and leading business practices, to help people, companies and societies succeed.

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Kristin Clark Taylor
Senior Strategist for The President of the United States, Whitehouse
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“I had to yield to this ‘force field’ of positive energy, because it was speaking directly to me. It was whispering in my ear—no, it was shouting to my heart—’you cannot walk away from this.’” Kristin Clark Taylor, author, editor, journalist, and former White House communications strategist
H. William Strauss,
Professor Emeritus: Harvard, Cornell, and Stanford medical schools
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“Marcy Axelrod talks to us about life. She describes a straightforward yet effective mindset that helps you get the most out of each day. It is well worth learning from an expert.”
Dan Haar
Columnist and editor, Hearst Media
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“A landmark speaker! With Showing Up, Marcy crafts a blue-print and vehicle for fulfillment. It’s a narrative spark launching us toward a more grounded, connected, healthy way of living. Her talks distill mainspring ideas that carry us long after she' has left the stage.”

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