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Rob Dubin

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Keynote speaker on Happiness, Employee Engagement & Wellness. An inspiring message based on a 17 year voyage sailing around the world . TEDx speaker- 250K views. Bestselling author. Appearances at Harvard, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox.

Employee engagement is at an all time low and burnout and employee wellness problems hitting new highs. Traditional HR solutions are failing to solve the problem. Rob’s transformational talks focused on the science of human happiness get to the heart of what really works to increase engagement, promote wellness and reduce burnout. Happy employees have better work lives, better home lives and generate increased profits.

Rob has focused his life on creating happiness, both for himself and others. At the age of 42 he and his wife sold their home, bought a sailboat and set off to sail around the world. They went on to spend the next 17 years traveling the world on their sailboat studying human happiness in over 100 countries.

Rob’s talks on happiness and resilience draw on his world wide sailing experiences nterwoven with the science of Positive Psychology. The resulting experience is memorable, inspirational and delivers actionable strategies to create happiness for your audience.


Understanding the real reason employees are disengaged and burned out, why traditional HR measures are failing and what does work to increase engagement and reduce burnout.

Learning how the science of human happiness can be used to teach us all to be happier.

Actionable strategies to make the audience members and their teams happier and more engaged starting now


Teams fully engaged in team and individual success.

Managers who learn how to communicate to their teams on a level that actually matters.

Increased productivity, greater loyalty, reduced turnover, higher profits.



Rob Dubin is an in demand keynote speaker and corporate trainer specializing in employee happiness, engagement and resilience. He is a serial entrepreneur who created multiple 7 figure businesses and he has partnered with dozens of Fortune 500 companies to craft their marketing messages, improve training and increase profits. After a near death wilderness survival experience that was international news and resulted in a call from the President of the United States Rob focused more of his life on understanding human happiness and life fulfillment. At the age of 42 he and his wife sold their home, bought a sailboat and set off to sail around the world. They went on to spend the next 17 years living on their sailboat and learning about happiness from people in over 100 countries. Rob has studied happiness with Yale University and spoken on Happiness at Harvard University. He has appeared on stage with Tony Robbins and Les Brown, on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox and others. His TEDx talk on Happiness was viewed over 250,000 times in its first three months. A book Rob co-authored focusing on Employee Happiness is an Amazon No. 1 Best Seller and Barnes and Nobel No. 4 in business books. He interweaves the science of human happiness with lessons learned at sea resulting in presentations that are memorable, inspirational and give sound strategies for creating happier people starting immediately.

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Keith Baker, Commander USN. Retired
Chaffee County Commissioner
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One of the challenges government entities often face is that our young and emerging leaders have received no formal leadership training and don’t understand their importance in employee happiness and workplace morale. Rob Dubin’s program helps fill that void by ensuring our leaders understand their vital role in workplace morale and team efficiency. He’s worked with us and worked with our leaders to make sure they understand their vital role in this and also make sure employees understand their own responsibility in their own workplace happiness. The results, improved organization efficiency and effectiveness and improved team performance. Rob’s program is proof to our staff that we are doing more than giving lip service to their happiness and morale and we’re seeing observable results. We’ll be sticking with Rob and his program and we suggest you do too. Keith Baker, United States Navy Commander, Retired Chaffee County Commissioner.
Mark Wiard
Wiard Web Design
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Rob's presentation "9 Principles for an extraordinary life" was informative and motivational. His engaging storytelling delivered his lessons taken from his own world wide ranging experiences. Sure to leave participants with renewed motivation to get out and reach for their own best self. I would highly recommend Rob as a speaker for any event or conference.
PT Wood, Fmr Mayor Salida, CO
Chaffee County Commissioner
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As a County  Commissioner leading a large and diverse team providing services to thousands of residents I am acutely aware that we can only deliver quality services if our own staff are motivated and happy. Avoiding burnout and maintaining engagement are priorities for us and Rob Dubin’s presentation delivered a powerful solution to those challenges.   His dramatic presentation captured and engaged the audience from the first sentence and the workshop portion gave our employees actionable strategies to increase happiness for themselves, their work teams and their families. The response since his presentation has been tremendous and we look forward to working with Rob to expand our efforts across the county.

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