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Teen & Young Adult Mental Health - Hot Mess Express

Brittany Richmond

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Green Valley, IL

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Award-winning teen and young adult mental health speaker, Brittany Richmond empowers high school & college students with her message: “Become an Overcomer.” Her interactive presentations and bestseller “Lies My Anxiety Has Told Me” resonate with our youth, earning her the 2024 Voice for Positive Change Award.

Brittany offers talks for high school & college students!


Brittany’s Most Sought-After Talk for Student Leaders

Join Brittany for an inspiring keynote on navigating anxiety during high school and college in a refreshingly authentic manner. Drawing from her own experiences, Brittany shares the highs and lows of leadership, tackling goals amidst the pressures of expectation, stress, and the fear of falling short. With humor and heart, she creates a supportive environment where students and young adults can connect, whether they’re active participants or quiet observers.

Brittany’s mission is clear: no student should face their journey alone. Through vulnerability and open dialogue, she demonstrates the transformative power of sharing our emotions, fostering personal and professional growth.

This keynote isn’t just about listening; it’s about active engagement. Student leaders will participate in dynamic conversations, learning to cultivate space and truly hear their peers. Guided by Brittany, they’ll discover the strength in solidarity, shed self-doubt, and foster a culture of compassion and understanding.

This keynote is perfect for college students and events, high school student leadership conferences, assemblies, or conventions!

Key Objectives:

  • Develop the capacity for active listening and empathetic communication among student leaders, enabling them to effectively support their peers in times of need.
  • Empower students to challenge self-limiting beliefs and embrace self-compassion, while also encouraging them to extend kindness and understanding to others navigating similar challenges.
  • Empower students to challenge self-limiting beliefs and embrace self-compassion, while also encouraging them to extend kindness and understanding to others navigating similar challenges.


Brittany’s Second Keynote: Based on Her Book “Lies My Anxiety Has Told Me”
Inspired by her book “Lies My Anxiety Has Told Me,” Brittany’s second keynote addresses the deceptive messages anxiety feeds to young people: “I am a failure,” “I am not good enough,” “No one loves me,” and more. Having spoken to high school and college student leaders for years, Brittany has listened to these common anxieties and understands them well.

Her keynote focuses on overcoming negative self-talk and unpacking the burdens students carry. Through interactive activities, thought-provoking stories, and actionable steps, she teaches students how to replace negativity with joy.

This keynote is perfect for college students and events, high school student leadership conferences, assemblies, or conventions!

Key Objectives:

  • Educate students about the common deceptive messages propagated by anxiety, such as “I am a failure” and “I am not good enough,” and provide strategies to recognize and counteract these harmful beliefs.
  • Empower students to overcome negative self-talk by equipping them with actionable steps and tools to cultivate a more positive and resilient mindset.
  • Engage students in interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions to deepen their understanding of the burdens imposed by anxiety and inspire them to embrace joy and self-compassion instead.


Brittany also does panel discussions at high schools, colleges and universities!

As an award-winning teen and young adult mental health speaker, she has had the privilege of being a panel speaker at numerous colleges and universities.

Renowned for her expertise in anxiety and mental health, she engages students with compelling, relatable insights drawn from her own experiences and research. Her best-selling books have inspired many, offering practical strategies and hope. Her sessions are designed to foster open dialogue, encourage resilience, and empower students to take charge of their mental well-being.

Through impactful storytelling and expert advice, she aims to create a supportive environment where mental health is prioritized and understood.


Brittany Richmond is a dynamic and charismatic mental health expert with over a decade of experience. Diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders, including an impulse control disorder, right after high school, she was inspired to enter the fields of counseling and psychology. Brittany has since dedicated herself to ending the stigma surrounding mental health and reaching out to as many struggling young people as possible with her story and voice. Brittany is a highly sought-after, emotionally engaging teen mental health speaker, one of the few active women in the youth market. She has spoken on prestigious youth leadership stages nationwide, delivering her empowering message: “Become an Overcomer.” Recently, she was honored with the 2024 Voice for Positive Change Award from the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health and Operation Snowball, LLC, and her debut book, “Lies My Anxiety Has Told Me,” became a bestseller. Her keynote presentations are interactive and deeply connecting, helping students feel seen even in large audiences. Focusing on communication, creating supportive spaces, and overcoming negative self-talk, Brittany is real, raw, and relatable, framing her insights in ways that resonate with teenagers and young leaders. Beyond her professional life, Brittany cherishes her time with her husband Zach and her kitten Fin. She enjoys rocking out to 80s hair bands, working out on her Peloton, attending St. Louis Cardinals games, and binge-watching Christmas movies. She lives in Green Valley, Illinois, and lovingly refers to herself as a “hot-mess express.

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Officer at Large, HOSA Illinois State Conference
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"Brittany was an absolute legend! She is very true to herself and her word. Just hearing Brittany speak about her life, and the anxiety she has experienced and how she has dealt with it is beyond powerful. Brittany is truly an amazing, powerful speaker & person with great character. We hope to work with her again!"
Hailey H., Tennessee Teen Institute
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"...I’ve heard a lot of people speak about anxiety and depression but when she was speaking it was different and I could relate a lot more to what she was saying , I’ve never met someone that could word everything that I’ve been thinking in the right way ❤️..."
Anonymous, Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute
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"Brittany is one of the first speakers I have seen in a long time where I feel like the information is fresh, useful, and so important to talk about, especially given the current climate of our world.... I would recommend Brittany to any school or teen conference looking to actually have conversations surrounding mental health."

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