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Steven Robertson

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Over half the global population is under the age of 30! You will be surprised and inspired as Steve shares narratives and data about this next-gen that will debunk myths, change your perspective, and transform the way you lead, train and engage them.

1. KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Gen Z Effect: The Invisible Transformation of Work

In an era where 52% of the global population is under 30, Gen Z emerges as a pivotal force, embodying not just a significant segment of the workforce but also the core demographic served by businesses. This presentation ventures deep into the distinctive traits and aspirations of Gen Z, spotlighting pivotal concepts like “Access Over Ownership” and “Information Over Application.” Such insights compel a reevaluation of conventional leadership paradigms, advocating for innovative engagement strategies in a swiftly transforming landscape.

The discourse underscores the power of perspective, a precursor to shaping behavior and attitudes, thereby urging a reimagined approach to leadership and interaction within the workplace. By harnessing data, empirical evidence, and proven methodologies, we unravel the essence of Gen Z—those 30 and under—highlighting the necessity for tailored strategies to future-proof businesses effectively. Participants are encouraged to embrace novel perspectives and methodologies, fostering inventive resolutions to burgeoning business quandaries. This paradigm shift not only unveils new avenues and targeted strategies for organizations but also accentuates the transformative power of understanding and adapting to the Gen Z workforce.


2. THE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: Cultivating Dynamic Leadership and Team Dynamics

A series of two workshops outlining a comprehensive approach to next generational leadership and team management.

Workshop 1: Narrative Validates Culture

Progressing beyond mere skills and strategies, the Narrative Validates Culture Workshop delves into the narrative’s instrumental role in sculpting organizational culture. It emphasizes the criticality of synchronizing the company’s narrative with its foundational values and vision, spotlighting how authentic leadership and employee engagement profoundly influence both internal and external perceptions of the organization. This workshop illuminates the narrative’s capacity to forge compelling leadership and growth stories, thereby augmenting the organization’s allure to both prospective employees and clientele. By championing a robust culture through deliberate mentorship and upskilling, organizations can significantly boost retention rates and attract fresh talent, thereby laying a solid groundwork for sustained growth and success. Through this exploration, participants will uncover the origins of impactful narratives and learn to magnify these within their organizations to cultivate a culture that not only enhances retention but also bolsters recruitment, ultimately driving the organization’s forward momentum.

Workshop 2: The Upskill Revolution
The Upskill Revolution Workshop is a transformative session that builds on keynote insights to foster holistic employee development beyond traditional roles, utilizing an “invisible curriculum” embedded in daily interactions and culture. This approach emphasizes personalized growth paths, leveraging strong interpersonal relationships to create a culture of trust, transparency, and continuous learning. By challenging conventional talent development paradigms, the workshop advocates for a dynamic, employee-centric strategy, aiming to cultivate a broad spectrum of skills that drive innovation, productivity, and satisfaction. The result is a compelling organizational narrative and an engaging culture that not only retains top talent but also attracts it, offering practical tools and frameworks for leaders to implement these strategies effectively. This session promises to redefine organizational approaches to talent development, with profound implications for employee retention and engagement, equipping participants with the insights needed to navigate the future of work.



AUTHOR. SPEAKER. BUSINESS LEADER Steven Robertson, acclaimed author of Aliens Among Us: 10 Surprising Truths about Gen Z, is the founder of BOLD-Training. He is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, experienced consultant and transformative trainer who equips, trains, and professionally develops businesses and institutions to not only change their perspective but also to lead differently to stay relevant. More specifically, his efforts focus on how to recruit, retain, and lead the emerging generation as employees impacting the breadth of multi-generational work environment. Naturally entrepreneurial, Steven draws on his experience and interaction with this generation to focus teams, customize company offerings, and strategically train businesses to become relevant in the Gen Z space. He has been featured in over 50 publications and podcasts, including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Huffington Post, CEO World, Mogul, Glassdoor, Barna Insights, and Harvard Business Review. Steve’s most recent corporate clients include the NFL, Ardent Mentoring, Allegiance Staffing, Journey Coffee, Downingtown Area School District, Delaware County Christian School, International Association of Venue Managers, Neumann University, Kingdom Impact, Temple University, Drexel University, Cairn University, Berks Homes, Church & Dwight and Multiply Advisors. He also speaks regularly for Vistage International, and trains parent groups, business forums, teachers, and students. Steve’s professional business career had its roots in the sports world, first as a professional tennis coach then serving as chairperson of the regional coaches’ association. Later, Steve held an executive position on the National Tennis Coaches Association. In this position, Steve was responsible for shaping the national curriculum and certification of aspiring tennis professionals. Steve operated as a C-Level Executive and CEO for 15 years for a well-established internationally recognized organization that offers programs and experiences to youth and young adults from around the globe. Partner organizations included the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Villanova University, the NFL, 76ers Basketball, Brooklyn Nets, and Phillies Baseball. Delivering these high-caliber, cutting edge programs necessitated the hiring, training and management of over two thousand seasonal staff each year. As a business leader, Steve works to amplify company culture by focusing on perspective, narrative and upskill resulting in innovative recruiting, training, and retention strategies to manage a multi-generational international workforce. As a result of a 25-year legacy of first-hand experiences and a wealth of empirical knowledge, Steve is known as a generational expert, specializing in Gen Z, Millennials and Alpha Gen.

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Marc Sinkow
Chief Sherpa SYNCH-O Pennsylvania
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I facilitate boards of advisors for business owners working specifically with entrepreneurs. In addition to processing business related issues, we have expert speakers present on a variety of topics. We recently had Steve Robertson do so on Gen. Z. The title of his presentation was The Gen Z Effect: The Invisible Transformation of Work. He knocked the cover off the ball both in content as well as presentation skills. Providing anecdotal stories in addition to validated statistics on the future growth of businesses moving forward. The mindset of this next generation provides for exciting opportunities. It is important to understand their perspective and how they integrate with the prior generations. I highly recommend engaging with Steve both for individual company education as well as keynote speaking opportunities.
Steve Hoffman
BrightPoint, President/CEO Fort Wayne, IN
Read More
I could not more highly recommend Steve as a keynote speaker. His presentation on his book and Gen Z was engaging, humorous, and enlightening. Our staff of 260 employees was captivated for two hours. In all my years, I have not received as much positive feedback on anything as I have on Steve's presentation.
Tim Hanna, PhD
Chair Faculty Development Committee, Neumann University, Pennsylvania
Read More
Steve’s presentations on Gen Z truths were clear, grounded, and inspiring, leading our faculty to feel enthused and excited to adapt our narrative to meet our students’ needs. His facilitation of critical thinking and practical responses was invaluable.

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