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Navigating Uncertainty

Brenda Reynolds

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Philadelphia, PA

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This Amazon best-selling author, TEDx/Internal Speaker and Fortune 500 consultant leverages her own corporate leadership experience and a life gone sideways inspires others to navigate change and find resilience in the workplace and in life! She transforms the complex and challenging to simple and surmountable with her depth, humor, relatability, and clear strategies.

Navigating Transition Fog–The Road from Now What? to Why Not?! Change happens; it creates transition fog. Now What? Create Your Resilience Roadmap for navigating transition fog with simple and powerful strategies for cutting through complexity for you personally, as a leader, or in leading your team through change.

The Leadership Power Pause–“Doing” is the enemy of Intentionality. Everything happens in the pause. Uplevel your leadership by learning more about the Power Pause and create greater impact!

TBD: To Be DeterminedLeading with Clarity & Confidence in Uncertain Times–strategies from Reynolds’ Amazon Bestselling book by the same title. Utilize a TBD mindset and manage change with greater ease.

5 FROGS: Radical Realities on the Road to Resilience — The 5 FROGS model (created by Reynolds) explores moving from that stage when everything seems to fall apart to a new, stronger, and resilient version of yourself, team or organization.

Master the “now what?” moment!

Unleash your “why not?!”



Brenda transforms organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals during uncertain times with her compelling, inspirational keynotes, seminars and workshops focused on navigating change, developing leaders, and staying resilient! As a respected thought leader, for over 20 years, Brenda draws on her 2 corporate leadership roles, consulting experience, and a personal life gone sideways to inform her presentations. Brenda ignites change by helping audiences and coaching clients connect to the three C’s: Clarity, Choice, and Commitment to Action. Brenda customizes each speaking engagement (virtual or in-person) to meet the unique needs and interests of her audience. Brenda explores critical topics with tremendous insight, warmth, and humor, using her rare ability to inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies. Happy clients include: International Society of Organization Development and Change, Designed for Impact Women’s Conference-Bermuda, Fortune Brands Innovations, Sherwin Williams, QVC, Villanova University, Junior League International, The Body Shop, Goldman Sachs, and more. As a highly engaging and relatable presenter who brings audiences more clarity in the workplace or life space, Brenda is an in-demand speaker for corporate events, higher education, personal and professional organizations, and non-profit organizations. Brenda is also a member of the National Speakers Association, a TEDx speaker, a Vistage International presenter, and a sought-after conference speaker. Brenda holds a Masters degree in Organization Development from American University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Communication. She currently resides in the Greater Philadelphia area.  

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Clark Vitulli
Master Chair, Vistage International
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"I just wish more of our speakers found ways to make their presentations even half as interactive as Brenda makes hers."
Cheri Phyfer-Kubu
Executive Vice President, Fortune Brands
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"Brenda blends her business savvy with personal transparency to create real impact for her clients and commands an audience."
Leah Dean
Bermuda Designed for Impact Conference Host
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"Brenda keynoted for a conference that I produced, and I can say without hesitation that it would not have been the same without her. The feedback on her session was fantastic and her concepts like “turn your now what into a why not” most memorable. She is a change expert and true gem. She is deep, she is funny and she draws you in. Her content was impactful, memorable and actionable. Phenomenal speaker.”

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