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James Evanow

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Captain James Evanow

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Captain James Evanow is an International Speaker, Author, Coach, and Sea Captain. He delivers captivating narratives from his sea-faring adventures to the stage, rendering them relatable to the audience while ensuring their undivided engagement.

Being Resilient in Times of Adversity

Capt. James equips his audience with tools to master any major storm, whether in personal or business life. With over 35 years as a sea captain, his tales offer profound lessons in resiliency, accountability, and servant leadership. He has trained many captains and he has a keen insight on how to retain employees. He instills the realization in the audience, that even amid dire challenges, collective achievement of the extraordinary is possible, charting a course toward resounding success.

2 Degree Principle

After losing his father in a tragic boat wreck at the age of 27, James had a sobering realization some 20 years later. He came to understand that if his father’s course homeward had deviated just 2 degrees to starboard, they would have safely reached a sandy shore and lived to recount that fateful night. This poignant story serves as the catalyst for an impactful program that James incorporates into his coaching sessions. It underscores the vital message that in any business or entrepreneurial pursuit, a mere 2-degree shift off course can be the decisive factor between triumph and defeat.


Captain James Evanow is an international keynote speaker, trainer, and author. He also mentors select clients using his flagship program, “The 2 Degree  Principle,” providing breakthrough mentoring in the areas of personal and business growth and development. James is a multi-talented entrepreneurial businessman.  With over 35 years of experience as a sea captain and his experience as a businessman, coach, and keynote speaker, James teaches his audiences with the use of powerful metaphors and stories from the sea, how to become more resilient when faced with challenges, transforming obstacles into opportunities. His leadership skills in mentoring crewmen and employees alike, sometimes in life-or-death situations, combined with his experience as an entrepreneur make him a perfect candidate to teach others his learned lessons on how to navigate through turbulent times and how to retain key employees. His unique speaking style combines his passion, wit, and humor delivering a presentation that inspires people to move towards their desired goals in business and in life. James also enjoys working with CEOs, and entrepreneurs who are on their own journey,  providing them with the tools that will help them stay on course and arrive at their destination or goal in an empowering way. He has traveled throughout the United States and Canada, training on emotional intelligence, accountability, servant leadership, and creative leadership in over 80 cities. His coaching certification is through the organization Strategic Intervention which was founded collaboratively by  Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, who is a world-renowned psychologist.  His passion for servant leadership and empowering others inspired him to write his first book, “Wisdom from the Sea,” which chronicles tales of adventure at sea in the context of leadership and self-development.

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Gabriel Franklin
Union Bank, Brea, CA
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I just finished the presentation with James Evanow which was tremendously enjoyable! I am strongly considering taking him up on his offer on his 6 month life coaching offer. It was a fantastic presentation and I can’t wait to read his book.
Mike Freeman
Vectren Energy, Cedar Falls, IA
Read More
Fantastic message! He was able to provide meaning and eye opening realizations during his talk. A wonderful message and very professional.
Major Casey Dierickx
304th Air Rescue Squadron, Portland, OR
Read More
As a military organization, we would highly recommend James! He was very professional and very professional and very easy to work with. We would definitely work with him again.

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