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Danny Goldberg Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker

Creating the Human Workplace

Danny Goldberg

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New York, NY

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Making the Workplace a Human Place

The Modern Leadership Framework: The New Rules to Attract & Retain High Performing Teams

Session Description: 

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the quest to retain top talent has never been more intense. As the dynamics of how, where, when, and with whom we work continue to evolve, the drivers of performance and commitment for each individual have been forever reshaped. No longer do one-size-fits-all approaches suffice; instead, a new, more individualized approach sets the best organizations apart.

Enter Danny Goldberg acclaimed keynote speaker, award winning entrepreneur, and creator of the Modern Leadership Framework. With a proven track record of business success, Danny shares insights vital for nurturing high-performing teams in this new era of work. Through the Modern Leadership Framework, leaders at all levels gain actionable insights to foster depth, personalize their leadership approach, and lead in a way that inspires loyalty.

This practical, inspiring framework empowers teams to not only be productive but also innovative, creative, connected, and psychologically safe.

Your people will learn:

  • The importance of the Modern Leadership Framework to lead across generations
  • How to stop competing for top talent and instead motivate top talent to stay
  • An actionable framework for highly-engaged, productive, and committed teams


Danny Goldberg knows what it takes to transform high turnover and low performance into connection, innovation, retention, and results. Acclaimed speaker and award-winning entrepreneur Danny Goldberg built an eight-figure business in a few short years, all before the age of 30. Along the way, his desire to learn what makes great organizations great led him to spend nearly 10 years decoding exactly what it takes to be an effective leader. Danny’s Modern Leadership Framework gives leaders at all levels actionable insights that will help them foster depth, personalize their leadership approach, and lead in a way that inspires loyalty. Danny loves captivating audiences with his engaging and relatable speaking style as he helps organizations cultivate deep connections that boost entire work forces’ commitment. Everyone wants a satisfying career, and Danny’s experience and knowledge uniquely equip him to lead the movement in establishing an innovative approach to leadership that truly works. Danny believes that when people thrive, business thrives—and he knows how to help your team discover the new rules necessary to attract and retain high-performing teams.

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Sarah Ohanesian
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"Danny's material is real and raw… Leaving audiences connected, inspired, and ready to make moves."
David Lea. Speaker. Coach. Thought-Leader
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"Danny ignites his audiences with his uniquely grounded story-telling. You will lean in with anticipation."
Thomas P. Farley, Mister Manners
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“Danny is a rock star! Loved his speech… It was heartfelt, engaging and inspiring. His delivery was flawless--a model for what a TED talk can truly be.”

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