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Productivity, For Every Brain Type

Sarah Ohanesian

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Philadelphia, PA

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Sarah Ohanesian challenges corporate audiences with the truth about how productivity and purpose go hand in hand. She helps reduce turnover and disengagement by empowering your team to lead with purpose.

Productivity, Fit for Every Brain Type

All of Sarah’s keynotes and workshops focus on productivity and time management while considering the different brains that exist on your team.


Dominate Your Day: Stop Being Busy and Leave Burnout Behind

The most productive people aren’t busy. This is a sucker-punch realization for the high achievers who wear “being busy” as a badge of honor. It’s time to prioritize productivity over busyness and find freedom in a life of personal and professional purpose. Learn the antidote to the busyness epidemic and leave with tangible tools to prioritize, enhance productivity, and regain balance in all areas of life – starting right now. With the job you have, the responsibilities you juggle, and the family you love, you can dominate your day.

Brains @ Work: The Invisible Power of Neurodiversity

Brace yourselves, because we’re about to blow…your…minds. Ready? Every person, is different. We know, it’s a lot to process. Take a moment to collect yourself with this newfound information. But we’re not done, because it turns out that “the calls are coming from inside the house.” That’s right, inside that brain of yours is a cornucopia of unique factors that make you different from everyone else on this tiny blue rock floating through space.

Now that we’re all on the same page, enlightened by this remarkable secret, what will we do? Well, if history is any indication, some people will still try to make everyone act and think the same way, in spite of their differences. If you’re wondering if that works, it doesn’t. It’s a recipe for lower employee engagement, higher turnover, and brilliant people hiding their talents. And yet, it persists.

But there is an alternative path you can take. In this talk, we’re going to explore something called “neurodiversity.” We’ll reveal how celebrating our differences might be the best path to unlocking an organization’s potential and building a thriving work culture. Let’s reimagine work, together.


5 Ways to Get More Done Before Lunch

Imagine getting out from under the never-ending lists, always knowing what to work on next, and reducing stress. In this jam-packed session, audiences will learn how to get out from under their never-ending to-do list, set their day up for maximum efficiency, combat distractions, and fight burnout.

Hands-on exercises ensure you leave this session equipped to get the right things done before lunch!

How to Manage Your Time When Everything Is Urgent

“How am I ever going to have time to get all this done?”

I used to ask that same question until I realized the one thing I needed. Spoiler alert: it’s not more multitasking.

Instead, it’s far more simple – structure. Without structure, it’s hard to get control of the day. And it’s even harder to get the most critical actions done. This session dives into how to structure the week and day to maximize output, my exact formula for setting up an ideal schedule, and how to maximize “dead time.”


Sarah is a former Chief Marketing Officer who decided to take on the insurmountable mission of ending burnout. No big deal, right? Sarah is the much-needed gut-punch corporate audiences have been missing. Listen in, and you’ll learn the truth about how productivity and purpose go hand-in-hand. Through keynote speaking, interactive workshops, and productivity consulting, Sarah supercharges audiences and helps re-engage employees.

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Rose Schafhauser
Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services, Welch, MN
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Sarah opened our MAMES Conference with this amazing presentation as our Keynote and she was amazing! I use her ideas daily now!
Catherine M. Ehrman
KPMG, Philadelphia, PA
Read More
A number of us were texting during your presentation and we all had the same thought “Is she talking directly to me?
Christine Burrows
Purple Ink, Indianapolis, IN
Read More
Yesterday Sarah Ohanesian and Jeff Gibbard provided Powered by Purple Ink friends and family an incredible look into how different brains work and how those diverse brains can collaborate to create better together. These two are a dynamic duo who entertain, engage, and educate in a fast hour of learning. I'm still thinking about all those beautiful brains I know out there and how to be better at finding ways to partner with them.

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