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The Focusologist


Penny Zenker

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Philadelphia, PA

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Penny Zenker is The Focusologist. She will provide your team with a fresh perpsective and show people the strategy to stay focused on the right thing, solve the right problems while increasing creativity and reducing stress.

The Focusologist

Penny’s Topics all revolve around her upcoming book “Build a Reset Mindset: A Foundation for Leadership and Life” Own Your Focus: Break The Addiction to Distraction In an era dominated by incessant notifications, multitasking, and the lure of the next shiny thing, maintaining focus is a challenge. This talk delves deep into the concept of the ‘Reset Moment’—a powerful tool to reclaim your attention. Discover how to harness these moments to block out distractions and ensure you are working on the most important task, issues, and objectives. Revisit the 80/20 principle as a Reset Practice and other effective methods for prioritization. Productivity, collaboration, and innovation start and end with a Reset Practice. Reset Moments: Managing the Energy of Thought Combining her popular TEDx with more than 1 million views and her book “The Reset Mindset”, Penny speaks about greater self-awareness of the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and actions to be more conscious of your choices, more purposeful of your actions and more intentional about your results.  By tapping into more Reset Moments, you can realign with your values, goals, objectives, and intentions to navigate the complexities of today’s world with grace, clarity, and focus. The Reset Mindset: A Leaders Guide to Building Resilient Leaders True leadership transcends the act of leading—it’s about connecting, communicating effectively, and empowering others to lead. The ‘Reset Mindset’ is central to this ethos. Dive into a transformative talk that delves into the essence of leadership through the lens of the ‘Reset Practice’. Learn how, as a leader, you can guide your team to recognize their reset moments, realign their goals, increase ownership, and rejuvenate their drive. By doing this, you’re fostering a Reset Mindset culture. As a result, you are not just creating a cohesive team, but shaping tomorrow’s leaders. The Reset Mindset: A Leaders Guide to Reinvention and Innovation In today’s hectic world, 97% of managers are stuck in tactical thought, leaving little room for creativity. Dive into ‘The Reset Mindset’ and uncover the transformative power of the ‘Reset Practice’, a pivotal tool in reshaping challenges into opportunities. Learn to think outside the box, embrace change, and ignite innovation and reinvention. Whether grappling with change or seeking to spark creativity, this program equips you with strategies to navigate challenges and fully realize your potential. You will reshape your perspectives and be ready to spearhead novel solutions.


Penny Zenker is The Focusologist, CSP, international motivational speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author. Penny founded, developed, and sold her first multi-million dollar business while living in Zurich, Switzerland. Later at the world’s 4th largest Market Research company, she managed business unit turnarounds and was a Tony Robbins business coach helping entrepreneurs around the world to double their businesses. Her clients tell her, her gift is cutting through the clutter and helping them focus on the most important and relevant areas to sustainably grow their businesses. Penny’s high-energy and interactive keynote presentations, motivational speeches, and workshops inspire and challenge you to think, act, and be more strategic and emotionally intelligent, and inspire personal leadership. Penny is the bestselling author of The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time. As a master NLP practitioner and neuro-strategist, she integrates the elements of thought, communication, and behavior to provide strategies for positive changes and maximum results. Penny’s expertise focuses on strategic thinking, leadership, problem-solving, communication, and productivity. She has coached hundreds of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in leadership roles, relationships, and building culture.

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Tracy Salas
Director, Pfizer
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"Penny's way of cutting through the clutter, to get to the heart of the issue, is what makes her so unique. The changes in behavior that she suggests are easy to implement and the improvements are evident almost immediately. "
Beecky BonGiovanni
Brand President, Care Patrol Franchise Systems
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"Your keynote/workshops were FANTASTIC! Franchise members said it was life-changing." We experienced a Mindset change overnight. 6 months after your session our teams were incredibly focused. 11 locations hired new team members, 13 locations had record-breaking months, 34 locations increased business from the prior year, and franchisee satisfaction is at an all-time high.
Keller Williams-TEAM MSK
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"We're seeing so many paradigm shifts in our team and AHA’s about what you shared with us, and we're SO excited to read your book!"

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