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Tara Rolstad Keynote Speaker

Change The Mental Health Conversation

Tara Rolstad

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Portland, OR

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Tara will help YOUR organization Get Real about Mental Health. She’s passionate, funny and direct, and her interactive programs will leave audiences with practical strategies to use right away to truly support everyone’s mental health.

Get Real: Mental Health in the Workplace

Stress, depression, anxiety…..all are at higher rates than ever before. People in YOUR organization are struggling!

Tara would love to teach YOUR team her three-step framework to transform your organization’s culture of mental health.
Tara will create a customized program for your attendees that provides:

  • a better understanding of mental health,
  • practical ways to support their own mental health, and
  • strategies to help others who may be struggling.

Thriving cultures that are compassionate, open and support mental health experience:

  • increased productivity, impact and effectiveness,
  • lower burnout, and
  • higher employee retention.

Tara will show your audience how they can best support a coworker, friend, neighbor, or a member of their own family, using her inspiring journey as a family member raising nieces with severe mental illness, and lessons learned about the needs of families and individuals struggling with mental health.

Get Real: Meaningful Self-Care that Makes a Difference

This interactive program is fun, provocative and will make you think! Tara shares her proprietary self-care framework, as well as practical strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and depression, and maximizing what we can all do to take care of ourselves in ways that really make a difference.

Attendees leave with a plan for their own self-care that is:

  • customized,
  • personalized, and
  • DOABLE , even in demanding environments!

This program was born out of Tara’s frustration that too often, this topic is given lip-service, or treated as a frivolous luxury. Remember: neglecting well-being results in lower productivity and job satisfaction, and higher burnout. In THIS world, ain’t nobody got time for that, because self-care is serious business.

Self-care isn’t just bubble baths and Netflix.

Get Real: What Working Parents Need to Know about Mental Health

Perfect for an ERG or SIG! The last several years have had a devastating impact on adolescent mental health, compounding years of increasing anxiety, depression and suicide. Parents are eager to break open the conversation on parenting and mental health!

Equip parents in your organization to better understand mental health:

  • what parents should know about kids mental health,
  • when to get help
  • how to support their own kids and those around them when they are struggling, and
    how to be their best at work while dealing with stresses at home.

Get Real: [Insert Here: Exactly What YOU Need]

Need a specific keynote, training, facilitated leadership discussion or other program on mental health? Tara will work with you to co-create exactly the right thing for YOUR organization.

Tara is a skilled emcee and moderator, with significant experience facilitating and producing events, from conferences to roundtables to fundraisers. She brings her quick wit, ability to handle surprises on the fly, and dedication to helping organizations achieve their event goals, all while making sure attendees have FUN.

Tara can help you make your event a success and ensure that everything runs smoothly!


A lot of people call themselves mental health speakers. Tara is one of the few with the training, expertise, and personal experience to back it up. Tara Rolstad, MBA, is a mental health expert, professional speaker, author, and trained advocate with nearly 15 years of experience who helps organizations break open powerful conversations about mental health. She is real, direct, funny, and powerful, a passionate speaker who can engage any audience and make this tough topic approachable AND actionable. Her unique, skillful combination of expertise, authenticity, and humor helps audiences:
  • better understand mental health,
  • know when to get help, and
  • learn practical ways to support individuals and families who struggle with mental health.
Tara shares her inspiring personal journey as a parent and foster parent of children with severe mental illness, and the lessons learned along the way.  Her audiences walk away with actionable tips and practical strategies they can implement immediately to help themselves, their organization, and those around them. In addition to her speaking engagements, Tara is a consultant and program partner with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Washington County, and is also the founder and director of “Shattering Stigma with Stories: Understanding Mental Health,” mental health conferences for businesses, schools, faith communities, and other organizations that have reached more than 1,500 people.

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David Anderson
CEO, NW Natural
Read More
Tara came to present on mental health at our leadership retreat with over 100 of our leaders. She did a great job helping us understand how to better watch out for our employees and each other…especially in the times we now live in! I was particularly impressed with how various of my leadership team spoke up in front of others on issues they were dealing with personally or in their workforce and wanted Tara’s advice. And, after her prepared remarks, she stayed around for 30 minutes during our break which allowed others to approach her on a more personal basis, which was fantastic. I heard nothing but good things from my leadership team.
Michelle Madison
Events and Outreach Manager
Read More
Tara is great at engaging the audience with a call to action, which is critical for our mission. Her presentations are always a draw for our events, and I know going into an event that she’ll take care of all of the details I need. She’s a pleasure to work with!
Talia Dean
Read More
Your presentation was a highlight of the conference for me. You were engaging, humorous, real and authentic. You captivated me from beginning to end…. you are definitely an inspiration.

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