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Jenny Lynne

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Jenny Lynne is a speaker, founder, and scaling leader who sold her company after realizing that more work is not the answer to unleashing her biggest results. She is also a single mom who went from 70-hour to 30-hour weeks, all while putting food on the table. Using her 5-step process, she helps people find their off switch on the compulsion to work while unleashing their best work, life, and results.

Death of a Workaholic: Find your off switch, so you can flip on your best ideas, results, and life

You are surrounded by pressures.

Clients, team members, projects, emails and demands pull at you from every angle.  Not to mention you want to make a great living, and enjoy (or even love) what you do.

And then you go home.

Your kids need dinner, you have to pay the bills, adventures you want to have, and your body is yelling at you at every turn.

The path out seems overwhelming because you don’t know what to do about it.

Most of us want more. Know that we are capable of more. But when we’re being squeezed, it doesn’t feel like there’s any more.

But there is a path forward. When we find and flip the off switch for our pressures — and the compulsion we have to outwork our problems — we can flip the switch on to our best results.

Easier said than done, right?

But there is secret that will release pressure the moment you implement it. And the snowball effect it creates can help you transform the 5 things that will keep you in control — no matter how much changes around you.

Jenny Lynne — a former workaholic, single mom, and breadwinner — will help you traverse the paths of your work so you can create the right kind of space. Learn what to do with it. And step back in the driver’s seat of your work — so it stops driving you.

Want to figure out how to hit the release valve? Let’s do it together!


For 20 years, Jenny Lynne was an expert at doing the next thing on her list instead of the best thing thing in her life. It worked for 20 years throughout a variety of careers and hobbies (which you’ll see a few of today). Until it stopped working. Flipping the off switch on her compulsion to work helped her transform and sell her business in 12 months. And now, she’s focused on helping driven, successful people in all walks of life stop outworking our problems and start innovating so they can do their best work and live their best life.

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Kate DiLeo
Brand Architect & International Best Selling Author at the Digital Summit in Phoenix
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Not only is she fun and engaging, she delivers high-value strategies that I was able to implement immediately for my business. I also appreciate that Jenny shares her personal experiences related to innovation and creativity. Honestly, I want more.
Jason Jones CEC, PCC
Communications & Sales Coach and MC at AGC Minneapolis
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Jenny’s message is always crystal clear and relevant in her presentations. Jenny will move your audience, and something new will become possible. It always does.
Ashley Redick
Owner & Principal Planner for Mise en Scène Events at Talks of the Town with MPI AZ
Read More
It was a privilege to hear her story firsthand and witness her ability to uplift and empower others through her words. Your words have left an indelible mark, and I am certain that your impact will continue to resonate with others far beyond the event.

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