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Organizational Psychologist

Jason Jones, Ph.D.

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Dallas, TX

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Dr. Jason Jones equips leaders to energize, engage, and activate the best in themselves and their people. Utilizing the latest in Neuroscience research and gleaning from more than 150 years of motivation and performance theory.

THE NEUROSCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP: Engaging the Head and Heart of the People You Lead.

Neuroscience has entered into the world of leadership with data and application that is as enlightening as it is interesting. The great leaders of the future will be those who understand how to leverage the power source of our thinking and behavior — the brain. Utilizing recent scientific discoveries, leaders can learn how to activate more of the brain leading to higher levels of motivation, engagement, energy, health, and performance. Dr. Jones guides the audience on a journey of understanding the three science-based leadership practices that build a high-performance culture and then shares six strategies each audience member can use immediately to become a leader that activates the brainpower of their people.

Attendees gain:

  • Perspective on the full power of the brain to think and work at a higher level.
  • The three leadership principles that the best leaders focus on each day to unleash the best in others.
  • Techniques to activate the entire brain to boost energy, improve thinking and problem-solving, build emotional intelligence, and create a winning mindset.
  • Strategies to lead and model psychological safety.
  • Principles to communicate constructive feedback and change to help people adapt more quickly.
  • Learn the #1 most effective way to build a culture of commitment and high performance.


EVOLVE AND THRIVE: Building a Mindset to Win in Any Situation

Effective leadership is more than driving results and accountability. The best leaders create experiences for their employees that unleash the best in them to adapt, evolve, and thrive in the midst of change, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

Our current work environment is changing faster than ever before and requires every person to have a continually evolving mindset and skillset to navigate the rapid rate of disruption. In this session, Dr. Jones inspires audience members to evolve their thinking and language and then challenges each participant to choose to thrive by applying intentional daily behaviors.

Jason shares with the audience how to reflect and reframe thinking and language that hinders their confidence and motivation. Then teaches how to replace sabotaging self-talk and behavior that can create performance breakthroughs. All of this while inspiring each person to take action to thrive each day by leveraging personal strengths and collaborating with their colleagues to achieve and win at a higher level.

Attendees gain:

  • Insight into how our brain helps and hinders us during change and disruption.
  • Tools to abolish negative thinking and pessimism.
  • Insights to manage burnout and build resilience.
  • A set of “Power Words” that will prime others for positivity and high performance.
  • Learn how to boost personal motivation and create optimized neurochemistry for greater joy and satisfaction.
  • Ideas for how to collaborate better and bring out the unique contribution of every team member.


THE NEUROSCIENCE OF SELLING: Leveraging Brain-Based Triggers that Move People to Trust and Action

We are in a new era of sales. Today’s most successful salespeople know how to quickly overcome skepticism and defensiveness to build a trusting connection that accelerates the sales process. Successful selling takes more than a good personality, product knowledge, and sales skills. It requires understanding how the deepest part of the brain (primal region) decides unconsciously to lower defenses and entrust another person for guidance.

The Neuroscience of Selling presentation shares evidence-based principles and practices that can be applied immediately to any sales role. This program provides insightful principles and tactics for understanding people better, becoming more confident, looking for unconscious decision cues, and how to close deals faster than ever before.

Attendees gain:

  • A mindset shift to gain the trust of potential customers/clients.
  • Insight into why some people are innately more successful in sales than others.
  • Learn the three things the buyer’s brain is looking for to move toward the close.
  • Practices to become more charismatic and likable.
  • Ideas for how to feel more confident during sales conversations.
  • Three ways to lower buyer defense and reduce resistance.
  • How to overcome the barriers of virtual selling.


Dr. Jason Jones equips leaders to energize, engage, and activate the best in themselves and their people. He is an Organizational Psychologist, keynote speaker, two-time best-selling author, and executive coach. Utilizing the latest in Neuroscience research and gleaning from more than 150 years of motivation and performance theory, Jason teaches leaders how to apply proven principles of leadership to bring out the best in others. Dr. Jones is the founder and CEO of LeaderPath, a company dedicated to sharing evidence-based methods for enhancing performance in the workplace. His work has been featured by Inc. Magazine, CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS. His client list includes some of the world’s most recognized brands, including IBM, American Airlines, Porsche, Boeing, AT&T, Dallas Cowboys, McKesson, Seagate Technology, and Ericsson to name just a few. He is the author of the two books, “Activator: Using Brain Science to Boost Motivation, Deepen Engagement, and Supercharge Performance” and “28 Days to a Motivated Team.” In his last corporate leadership role, Jason led executive education at AT&T where he was responsible for developing more than 6000 leaders around the world and his team contributed to AT&T being awarded the #1 Learning Company in America by Chief Learning Office Magazine. Dr. Jones uses an entertaining and high-energy style to present keynote speeches and training workshops with the goal of energizing and inspiring people to lead at a higher level and ignite a culture of sustainable motivation, engagement, and high performance. On a personal note, Jason enjoys working on cars with his sons and cooking with his daughter. He and his family reside in Dallas, Texas.

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Danny Harris, CEO, National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
Las Vega, NV
Read More
Dr. Jason Jones was the keynote speaker at the 2023 National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors conferences and he was awesome. His presentation was well received and the attendees really enjoyed his message. Some of the attendees thought his keynote address was one of the best we ever had. I would definitely invite him back to speak at our conferences.
Marisa Scott, Pitney Bowes
Hartford, CN
Read More
Jason was the keynote at our annual IT Leadership Offsite session. He was terrific to work with from scheduling, re-scheduling (on our end), tailoring the message, delivering, and engaging with our team. In the end, everyone was energized, motivated and ready to put what we learned into practice. He really made a difference in setting us on a path for success using the tools we already had, but needed to pull together in 2023. Additionally, we received the highest post session survey marks ever for an organized team event!”
John Beitner, Executive Director, American Camp Association
Martinsville, IN
Read More
Jason was a keynote speaker at the 2022 American Camp Association Staffing Summit. Jason brought his heartfelt advice, charming humor and inspirational passion to his presentation about motivating employees by connecting them to our organizational mission to not only bring out the best in their work but also develop their engagement and retention. Jason was a pleasure to work with through the entire process and provided the best possible experience in our online space. He is a master storyteller and connected beautifully with our audience.

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