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Risk Management - Safety-Leadership- HOP

, Ph.D.

Jake Mazulewicz

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Richmond, VA

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Workplace errors can ruin lives, derail careers, and waste $37 billion each year. Dr. Jake shows you how pilots, firefighters, paratroopers, and other high-reliability experts successfully manage the risk of errors, and how you can, too.

1)  Seven Practical Steps to Build a Culture of Safety & Human Reliability


Unwanted errors and surprises in high-hazard industries can change lives, ruin careers, and capsize reputations overnight.

Join us to learn seven practical steps used by: pilots, nurses, firefighters, paratroopers, and other high-reliability teams around the world:

1) Take a Learning-Based Approach
2) Build Psychological Safety
3) Lead After Action Reviews
4) Transform Investigations
5) Apply Defenses
6) Improve Systems
7) Build Resilience

To learn more, watch this quick 2-minute video

You’ll learn:

~ Seven practical steps to take to build a culture of safety & reliability in your team
~ The hidden trap that teams fall into when they rely solely on classic error-prevention tools.
~ Three differences between the Control-Based approach to errors vs. the Learning-Based approach to errors

Ideal for:

~ Front-line and senior leaders in high-hazard industries
~ Specialists in HSE or Human Performance / HOP
~ Investigators / Event Analysts


2)  How to Build Trust and Expertise with After Action Reviews (AARs)


After Action Reviews (AARs) help save lives, build trust, and share priceless, unwritten human expertise. Safety-driven teams in the military, emergency fire & rescue services, and other high-hazard industries have used these psychologically safe, semi-structured, post job debriefs for over 40 years. Join us in this fast-paced session to learn how to lead AARs for your team. You’ll get to DO a brief real-world After Action Review, too.

To learn more, watch this quick 45-second video.

You’ll learn:

1) The four key questions of an After Action Review (AAR)
2) The eight (8) common mistakes of leading AARs and how to avoid each one
3) Why AARs have been called, “One of the most successful organizational learning methods yet devised.”

Ideal for:

~ Front-line and senior leaders in high-hazard industries
~ Specialists in HSE or Human Performance / HOP
~ Investigators / Event Analysts


~ “Super insightful and relevant for real world practice.”

~ “This is exactly what I have been wanting to implement for some time now and Jake provide me with the tools to roll it out as a team and not being authoritative”

~ “Jake is a tremendous speaker that will most definitely leave you wanting to dive more into being amazing at your job! I highly recommend you tune into any and all of his presentations!”


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Many companies try to eliminate errors, but can’t. Dr. Jake shows leaders in high-hazard industries why errors are signals, not failures, and how to address the deeper problem, so that everyone can work more reliably and safely. He gives you concrete, practical ways to: reduce errors, build safety, earn trust, and improve Human Reliability together. He has presented for 250+ groups including: the US Department of Energy, Fermilab, NERC, Chevron, and Energy Safety Canada. Jake has a Ph.D. in Education, and a decade of safety experience in a Fortune 500 electric utility, and has personally served as a firefighter, an EMT, and a military paratrooper. To learn more, explore his bio webpage:    

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Murray Elliott, President & CEO of Energy Safety Canada
Energy Safety Canada 2023 Conference, Banff, AB, Canada
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"Excellent and straightforward guidance to start a team down the path to a true learning organization... Thanks Jake!"
Lisa Brooks, Director North American Networks of the National Safety Council
2203 Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) Summit, Indianapolis, IN
Read More
"We have brought in many speakers over the years to address HOP, psychological safety, and serious and fatal injury prevention. Jake's style and delivery stand out. Not only does he deliver great content, but he is very engaging and uses technology and audience interaction to keep the audience's attention from beginning to end. And perhaps most importantly, he provides practical and actionable information that the audience can take and use immediately."
J.T. Lee, Senior HSE Advisor, Organizational Learning for Chevron
Virtual presentation to 100+ Chevron staff worldwide
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"Even our most senior and experienced experts were impressed! One said, “I really appreciate how Jake's approach is very different from other HOP experts." Jake gave us lots of real-world examples and specific words and phrases that we can apply immediately. Not just more theory.” Several attendees told me that they've already begun applying these practical skills to improve safety and human reliability in our field teams around the world."

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