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Lead with Curiosity

Trevor Blondeel

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Louisville, KY

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Trevor Blondeel works with leaders to create a culture of connection, engagement, and empowerment by bridging the gap between management and employees. Using actionable strategies and practical advice, Trevor improves results and drives organizational success.

Connect the Top to the Shop

With a unique blend of humor and vulnerability, Trevor shares his journey of overcoming leadership blind spots. He offers an authentic opportunity for audiences to reflect on the organizational impact of disconnected leadership.

As an expert in emotional intelligence and leadership development, Trevor equips leaders with the skills they need to get curious, spark dialogue, create genuine connections, and drive engagement at every level of daily operations.

With Trevor’s connection-led approach, manufacturing organizations can see benefits like increased safety, improved quality and productivity, prospering profits, and organizational advances that leave competitors in the dust.


Through his speaking, writing, and coaching, Trevor Blondeel works with manufacturers to remove roadblocks by connecting the top to the shop floor. Over 25 years of working within the manufacturing industry, he learned from experience that successful organizations are built on engaged team members who are accountable for their actions and continually improve their skills. It sparked a passion for developing leaders in manufacturing that allows individuals and teams to reach their full potential. He took what he learned and started his own business, Manufacturing Greatness to share best practices. His process is built on changing behaviors one at a time, resulting in systems that work every day. Clients utilize his speaking, coaching and advisory services to increase performance, productivity, and profits. He energizes clients through active listening by asking powerful, agitating questions that can sometimes be raw and take them out of their comfort zones. This allows them to grow as leaders and be more confident in their communication and work. His processes involves applying systems that work every day and brings practical results. Clients who have worked with Trevor include Energizer, Nestle, Magna, Nucor and many more. Trevor started his bi-weekly podcast Mindfulness Manufacturing in 2019, and has amassed tens of thousands of listeners. Available on podcast platforms everywhere, or on his website with insightful articles and book reports. Trevor holds an Honors Bachelor of Business and is certified as a manufacturing leadership coach with the Center for Executive Coaching. He also holds a Professional Coaching Certification with the ICF and is certified and active as a Genos Emotional Intelligence practitioner.  As the president of the Kentucky chapter, Trevor loves learning and sharing in the community of the National Speakers Association. A Canadian🇨🇦 who now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, he enjoys spending his free time travelling, following sports, working out, and visiting local eateries.  He loves to get invited to pick-up hockey games with old timers!

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