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James Evanow
Captain James Evanow is an International Speaker, Author, Coach, and Sea Captain. He delivers captivating narratives from his sea-faring adventures to the stage, rendering them relatable to the audience while ensuring their undivided engagement.
Award-winning keynote speaker and certified professional coach for leaders, professional athletes, and championship teams. Her clients range from Verizon, Target, Bobcat, USA Track & Field, to the Minnesota Vikings. Develop the mindset your teams mindset to beat the odds, build confidence & resilence, and best your best more often.
Ryan Pink Motivational Keynote speaker
Ryan guides his audiences into hope and a deep sense of possibility. His use of vivid language blurs the line between teaching and spoken-word, and gives audiences an unforgettable experience.
Formerly the Music Director of the Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’, Julian Reeve is a CEO and International Speaker committed to inspiring healthier attitudes to work. Fueled by his stress-related heart attack, aged just 43, he empowers audiences with strategic resilience for burnout-free success.
Michelle Brenner affordable Keynote Speaker
Michelle is an Engineer and International Speaker with over a decade of experience helping teams boost collaboration, productivity and growth. Unlock your team’s full potential to create solutions and products to delight your stakeholders.
Sam Kabert is renowned for his remarkable ability to assemble high-performing teams that turn visionary concepts into thriving realities. His work balances team effort, personal motivation and common purpose.
Junhan Chin Presentation Speaker

Junhan Chin

Visual Storyteller

James Evanow

Captain James Evanow

Leadership & Change Navigator

Stephen Shapiro

Innovation Instigator