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Turning Managers into Leaders

, CSP, DiSC, Maxwell

Dr. Andy Neillie

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Dr. Andy combines management and sales expertise to inspire action, focusing on leadership and trust. Dr. Andy’s acclaimed book, “The Golden Principles,” reflects lessons from a Golden Retriever on leading well. Dr. Andy’s goal is to enhance leadership development, employee retention, and organizational performance through speaking, workshops, and coaching.

The Four Leadership Necessities

Format: 45- to 90-minute keynote or half-day hands-on interactive workshop

This program is specifically designed for front-line managers, those new to management, those facing leadership hurdles, and managers of underperforming teams. In today’s fast-paced business environment, managers often find themselves caught up in the daily grind, leaving little time to enhance their leadership skills or reflect on personal growth. This not only stifles their professional development but also diminishes the effectiveness of their teams.

In this engaging and impactful session, Dr. Andy introduces a straightforward yet profound model of leadership that is foundational for improving management effectiveness and team performance. Over more than a decade, Dr. Andy has honed this material to provide a clear, actionable path for leadership development. The insights he shares are drawn from the real-life challenges and successes he has experienced as a franchise business owner and leadership coach. These are practical, tested strategies that resonate with real-world managerial scenarios.

Participants will leave the session with:

  • Practical steps to enhance their people leadership skills.
  • Effective strategies to eliminate common leadership pitfalls.
  • Increased confidence in their ability to nurture their leadership potential, leading to enhanced team productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and higher profitability.For every manager who feels overwhelmed by daily tasks and underprepared for leadership challenges, this program offers clarity and a roadmap for growth. Your leaders will not only be challenged but also encouraged, equipped with practical tools to elevate their leadership acumen and drive their teams towards greater success.


French Wine and Football
Format: 45-to-60 minute keynote

Designed with front-line managers, those new to leadership roles, and managers of struggling teams in mind, this session draws compelling parallels between the challenging worlds of football and French winemaking. In both arenas, adversity is not just an obstacle but a necessity for achieving greatness. Dr. Andy Neillie uses these vivid metaphors to delve deep into the essence of effective leadership.

Football coaches often say, “Push toward the pressure.” Similarly, a small vineyard owner in France believes, “The harder the soil, the better the wine.” These insights capture the reality that the path to excellence is also filled with challenges. Dr. Neillie masterfully connects these lessons from the gridiron and grapevine to the principles of leadership, demonstrating that success in any field is a result of perseverance and resilience.

Participants will leave this session with:

  • A profound yet straightforward understanding of what makes leadership effective.
  • Several practical best practices to enhance their leadership skills.
  • A renewed commitment to overcome leadership challenges and drive their team’s performance effectively.Dr. Neillie’s keynote is more than just a presentation; it’s an invitation to embrace the hard aspects of leadership to forge a path to success. By learning from the best practices in sports and grape-growers, leaders will be equipped to transform challenges into their greatest strengths.


The Golden Principle

Format: 45-to-60 minute keynote

In the deeply moving keynote “The Golden Principle,” Dr. Andy Neillie shares the touching story of Redford, a Golden Retriever who spent the first year of his life in a squalid puppy mill. When Redford was rescued by Dr. Neillie and his wife, not only did he have much to learn about trust and relationships, but so did they. Their journey with Redford became the foundation for the best-selling book The Golden Principles: Life and Leadership Lessons from a Rescued Dog. This presentation not only recounts their heartwarming story but also distills essential lessons on trust that have since transformed both their home life and business environments.

This keynote is versatile and highly impactful, making it the perfect after-dinner event for a company meeting, an inspiring wrap-up to an offsite customer service retreat, or the kick-off keynote for an HR summit.

Attendees will leave with:

  • A warm-hearted reminder of the importance of trust in both personal and professional relationships.
  • A practical guide on how to earnestly build and sustain trust.
  • A simple yet profound reflection on the power of everyday interactions and relationships.

Through “The Golden Principle,” Dr. Neillie invites audiences of all levels to rediscover the transformative power of trust. His narrative is a powerful illustration that effective leadership—much like caring for a rescued dog—requires patience, understanding, and the genuine desire to connect. This keynote is designed to inspire, enlighten, and remind us that the principles of care and trust are universal, extending far beyond the confines of any single environment.


For the past two decades, Dr. Andy Neillie’s career has been characterized by speaking, training, and leading teams. Dr. Andy is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, coach, and consultant, traveling weekly to conduct workshops on leadership and sales-related topics for a wide range of audiences, including Fortune 500 companies, franchises, small and mid-sized businesses, trade groups, and associations. Leveraging a solid background in management and sales, he excels at inspiring clients and audiences to take actions that benefit both individuals and their organizations. Equally important is his passion for the personal aspects of leadership, with a focus on building trust. In addition to teaching leadership principles at Concordia University’s MBA program, he published his first book “The Golden Principles: Life and Leadership Lessons from a Rescued Dog,” a book honored by with a “Top 100 Best Books of the Year” award in 2015. This work reflects simple, yet profound lessons on living and leading well, drawn from the perspective of a Golden Retriever. Clients hire Dr. Andy to help them develop their leaders because he is one: owning several businesses, managing a team of key leaders, and holding ultimate profit and loss responsibility for significant annual revenues. With more than fifteen years of experience as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, he has honed the craft, focusing on leadership and sales. An avid reader, Dr. Andy reads over fifty books a year, applying current insights to benefit leaders and their teams. Dr. Andy’s goal is to deliver keynote speeches, facilitate workshops, and engage in executive coaching to help develop leaders, improve employee retention, and enhance performance.

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Hope Stockton, Eceutive Director
Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership
Read More
"Simply put, Andy Neillie is a wonderful speaker and educator. Our conference could not 
have selected a more appropriate speaker as evidenced by his high evaluation scores 
as well as the positive participant comments."
Sheri Smith, Sr. Manager, GSO Talent Management
Cisco Systems
Read More
"Dr. Andy Neillie [...] was outstanding! The fifty Directors and VPs in the audience greatly appreciated the experience and insight that he brought to the table, and we are looking forward to working with Andy again in the near future."
Charlotte Waddle, Training Manager
City of Phoenix
Read More
"Andy Neillie has delivered excellence for our city workers. His presentation skills, humor and warm personality combined to drive home the importance of the material he was presenting."

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