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Dr. Frank Buck

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​​Most people are overwhelmed by the amount of paper and digital information in their lives. Through the “5 Keys,” Frank Buck gives you a system for total control over your time and the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Most people are overwhelmed by the amount of paper and digital information in their lives. You don’t have to be one of them! With the “5 Keys,” you learn a system for staying on top of paper, sweeping all to-dos in one place, putting repeating tasks on autopilot, navigating the day with ease, and handling multiple projects with nothing slipping through the cracks. It’s time to get organized and make it look easy.


Frank Buck has been ranked #1 in the world by “Global Gurus Top 30” in the “time management” category four different years. He is a public speaker, productivity coach, and author of Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders and Get Organized Digitally!: The Educator’s Guide to Time Management. Dr. Buck has spoken to audiences throughout the United States and internationally. His mission is to help busy professionals achieve total control over their time and the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks. Dr. Buck’s nuts-and-bolts approach, along with his blend of content and humor, has made him a favorite with audiences.

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Belinda Ross
National Association of Elementary Principals Convention
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I listened to your presentation this summer at the NAESP conference. I’m going to admit, at the time I was just kind of in there listening with no intention of getting a whole lot from your presentation. During your presentation I thought a couple of times, “Well, yes that’s probably a good idea,” but I didn’t feel any amazing flash of enlightenment. However, in the weeks following I found myself ordering a lovely set of teal hanging file folders and matching manila folders to set up a Tickler File. Then I started reducing my email inbox, every day I ended with fewer emails than I had the day before until it was magically down to just a dozen and then seven and then none. I briefly marveled at whatever subliminal power you must have possessed, but thought, “Ha! We’ll see what really happens when school starts!” Well school has been going almost six weeks. My desk is still clean at the end of the day and my email inbox is empty when I leave. The most crazy thing of all, is that most nights I am leaving 40 minutes earlier than I did last year while getting into more classrooms and having time during the week for some professional study. What did you do to me? Thanks, Belinda Ross
Vonda Farmer
Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association Conference
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I attended your session at TEPSA in June. I had almost 1500 emails at the time. It was a vicious cycle. I would spend a day during Christmas break, Spring break, and at least one day during the summer going through and deleting emails. After attending your session, I set up my email the way you suggested. I am proud to say that I no longer have thousands of emails! I no longer keep an email in the inbox as a place to save it. Additionally, paper clutter on my desk is a continuous issue. I think the tickler file will be extremely beneficial. My Superintendent will be absolutely astonished if this works for me. Thank you for sharing your organization techniques. I have read so many books, articles, etc and your ideas are ones I can finally implement and feel that I can keep doing them. BTW: I can’t wait to get my digital task list set up!
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Dr. Buck’s workshops are incredible. I was able to attend one in Washington, and I am still benefiting from his easy to use tools. They are simple, easy to apply life hacks that pay off big time. I am more efficient and organized! @AllThingsEQ

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