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Junhan Chin Presentation Speaker
Junhan is a visual storyteller. He will help you stand out by translating your ideas into illustrations that can be understood in the few seconds.
Over half the global population is under the age of 30! You will be surprised and inspired as Steve shares narratives and data about this next-gen that will debunk myths, change your perspective, and transform the way you lead, train and engage them.
Trevor-Blondeel-communication speaker
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Trevor Blondeel works with leaders to create a culture of connection, engagement, and empowerment by bridging the gap between management and employees. Using actionable strategies and practical advice, Trevor improves results and drives organizational success.
Avish Parashar Improv speaker
Avish empowers leaders to lead change and inspire employees to say “Yes, And!” to change. HIs unique, interactive, and unforgettable programs entertain and energize while driving home key lessons on change, leadership, and communication.
Hall of Fame funny motivational speaker, Award-Winning Storyteller, Where Art of Story Meets Business of Persuasion. Kelly will provide a powerful storytelling toolkit for your leaders, sales team and customer service teams to increase their influence, ability to inspire others and create deeper connections.
This Amazon best-selling author, TEDx/Internal Speaker and Fortune 500 consultant leverages her own corporate leadership experience and a life gone sideways inspires others to navigate change and find resilience in the workplace and in life! She transforms the complex and challenging to simple and surmountable with her depth, humor, relatability, and clear strategies.

Dr. Andy Neillie

Turning Managers into Leaders

Junhan Chin Presentation Speaker

Junhan Chin

Visual Storyteller

James Evanow

Captain James Evanow

Leadership & Change Navigator