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With 20 years in speaking, training, and leading, Dr. Andy Neillie is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, coach, and consultant, engaging audiences from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and franchises. Dr. Andy combines management and sales expertise to inspire action, focusing on leadership and trust. Dr. Andy’s acclaimed book, “The Golden Principles,” reflects lessons from a Golden Retriever on leading well. Owning several businesses and managing teams, Dr. Andy brings firsthand leadership experience and a commitment to continuous learning, reading over fifty books yearly. Dr. Andy’s goal is to enhance leadership development, employee retention, and organizational performance through speaking, workshops, and coaching.
James Evanow
Captain James Evanow is an International Speaker, Author, Coach, and Sea Captain. He delivers captivating narratives from his sea-faring adventures to the stage, rendering them relatable to the audience while ensuring their undivided engagement.
Over half the global population is under the age of 30! You will be surprised and inspired as Steve shares narratives and data about this next-gen that will debunk myths, change your perspective, and transform the way you lead, train and engage them.
A Happy & Fulfilled Workforce is today’s Competitive Advantage. Inspirational Keynote Speaker & Violinist Diane Allen, captivates audiences worldwide with her message & music providing The 3-Step Flow StrategyTM System for people to unlock their genius & love what they do.
Ken speaks about his TRUST leadership principles that is derived from his 25 years in leadership roles at J & J.
In Adam’s talks, he shares his powerful story of transformation, from a debilitating anxiety disorder and alcoholism to becoming a world championship qualifying triathlete and nine figure CEO. Adam leaves audiences with simple and powerful strategies to help audiences embrace the conviction and discipline to pursue big goals.

Dr. Andy Neillie

Turning Managers into Leaders

Junhan Chin Presentation Speaker

Junhan Chin

Visual Storyteller

James Evanow

Captain James Evanow

Leadership & Change Navigator