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Over half the global population is under the age of 30! You will be surprised and inspired as Steve shares narratives and data about this next-gen that will debunk myths, change your perspective, and transform the way you lead, train and engage them.
A Happy & Fulfilled Workforce is today’s Competitive Advantage. Inspirational Keynote Speaker & Violinist Diane Allen, captivates audiences worldwide with her message & music providing The 3-Step Flow StrategyTM System for people to unlock their genius & love what they do.
Ken speaks about his TRUST leadership principles that is derived from his 25 years in leadership roles at J & J.
Workplace errors can ruin lives, derail careers, and waste $37 billion each year. Dr. Jake shows you how pilots, firefighters, paratroopers, and other high-reliability experts successfully manage the risk of errors, and how you can, too.
Trevor-Blondeel-communication speaker
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Trevor Blondeel works with leaders to create a culture of connection, engagement, and empowerment by bridging the gap between management and employees. Using actionable strategies and practical advice, Trevor improves results and drives organizational success.
INSPIRATIONAL AND INTERACTIVE! Randy brings his energy and expertise as a former NCAA basketball official and successfull corporate operations and sales leader to engage audiences to MAXIMIZE POTENTIAL, INCREASE PERFORMANCE and be FULFILLED in LIFE!
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Junhan Chin

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